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Run to survive

Image The relationship between the studio Warner Bros. and Margot Robbie is developing quite successfully - the actress has already managed to star in several major films, among which one can find the blockbusters “Tarzan. Legend "and" Suicide Squad ". Robbie LuckyChap Entertainment recently signed an agreement with WB and they are now ready to start working on their first joint project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the WB bosses have acquired the film rights to Gene Phillips , Beautiful Things . The film adaptation will be produced not only by LuckyChap , but also by Denise di Novi, who is familiar with Robbie from the thriller "Focus". There is no information about whether Margot plans to play the main role in the film yet. Phillips sold the publishing rights at the October Frankfurt Book Fair . The novel will be published next May.

In the story, Joan and her four-year-old son Lincoln play in the sandbox at the zoo, already deserted at the end of the day. Everything looks perfect, so when Joan hears sounds like gunfire, she decides it's either construction work or checking out the Halloween fireworks. But when the mother and the child hurry to the exit in order to have time to leave before closing, a terrible picture appears before their eyes - there are corpses on the floor, and a lone shooter is standing nearby. Thus begins Joan's three-hour struggle for his own life and that of his son. They can only run and hide ...


Currently, Margot Robbie is busy filming the biopic of Alan Alexander Milne, and her future projects include a Suicide Squad spin-off about Harley Quinn , as well as a film about the infamous figure skater Tone Harding.

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