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In Love in the Sun King's Court

Image Having become skilled in horror, the director Alexander Azha ("Mirrors", "Horns") decided to try his hand at a new genre. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the Frenchman will lead work on the historical drama "The Marquis ", the plot of which will be based on the novel by Jean Tele " Montespan " about life aristocrat Louis Henri de Pardaian de Gondren .

TheMarquis Montespan left his mark on history thanks to the conflict with the King of France. In 1663, the aristocrat married Francoise de Rochechouard de Mortemar , who belonged to one of the most famous noble families. To provide for his family, the marquis was forced to go to war. When he returned home, it turned out that the faithful had managed to become the favorite of Louis XIV and even earned the unspoken title of the true Queen of France.

In those days, many nobles could only dream of such a development of events, because such an adultery not only raised the prestige of their family, but also promised the favor of the royal family. Montespan went against public opinion and tried to return his spouse. Louis Henri sent the children to the family estate, and he went to the residence of Louis XIV in a carriage decorated with antlers, and made a scandal there, after which he was expelled from the capital ...


The historical drama will be funded by Gaumont and LGM Cinema . The French director's film crew expects to begin work on " The Marquis " later this year.

Recently, Azha finished filming the thriller "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax", and his immediate plans will also include the adaptation of the sci-fi manga "Cobra: Space Pirate".

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