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Catch your luck by the tail

Image Work on the new Malibu Rescuers is drawing to a close and director Seth Gordon has already found his next project. As the website The Tracking Board has exclusively learned, the filmmaker is preparing to lead the filming of the film The Price is Right , which will tell about the scandal associated with the popular TV game.

The first release of the game was released in America back in the 50s, and in 2005 USA viewers had the opportunity to see the domestic analogue of the show, called "The Price of Luck"

According to the source, the new film will focus on a married couple who, for the first time in the history of the game, managed to name the exact cost of a set of goods. The fact is that Terry and Linda Kniss , being ardent fans of the show, did not miss a single episode and memorized the prices of individual items. When they themselves became participants in 2008, this information was very useful to them. True, then the recording of the TV show was stopped for a full 45 minutes, during which the organizers found out if the Knisss were fraudsters.

The script for the tape was written by Barry Schwartz, whose works have already twice been included in the famous Black List of the best unrealized ideas. The project is being produced by Seth Gordon himself, along with his longtime colleague Mary Rohlich ("Horrible Bosses").


Movie fans are familiar with Seth Gordon from comedies such as Four Christmases, Horrible Bosses and Catch the Fat If You Can. The director also has many television projects on his account, including the popular sitcom "Modern Family" ( Modern Family ).

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