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Sony found its Barbie

Image Studio Sony has long been planning to make a film about the world famous doll Barbie , and now the major has found an actress who is ready to give the on-screen life to this popular toy. As the site The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, Amy Schumer is negotiating with the studio to play the main role in the upcoming film.

The project itself is viewed by Sony management as a contemporary film about beauty, feminism and individuality. For many years, the major tried to find a way to bring the Mattel toy to the big screens. One of the first authors of the film was Diablo Cody ("Juno"), and later the studio bosses went all-in and hired three screenwriters at once, each of whom wrote his own version of the text.

Producers Walter F. Parks (Men in Black), Laurie MacDonald (Cloud Atlas), and Amy Pascal (Ghostbusters) opted for the version suggested by Hilary Winston (Community / Community). The source believes that if negotiations with Sumer end successfully, then the actress will certainly make changes to the script together with her sister Kim Caramel.


While Sony bosses continue to search for a director for a Barbie project.The only thing known about the plot of the future film is that the action will begin to take place in the ideal world of Barbie dolls, where one woman at some point realizes that she does not fit into the standards. Therefore, the heroine goes to the real world, where she realizes that originality is a virtue, not a disadvantage.


In the near future, Amy Schumer , who began her stellar journey as a stand-up, will increasingly appear on the big screens. After the success of Girls Without Complexes, the actress signed up to star in an unnamed comedy with Goldie Hawn. Also Amy is preparing a joint project with Jennifer Lawrence and has already managed to work in the drama genre, starring in the film "Thank you for the service."

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Author: Jake Pinkman