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Gogol with mermaids bewitched the USAn box office

Image The USA box office behaves like the weather, which this summer "pleased" us with its unstable character. Only distributors reported an increase in fees, as last week there was another fall. However, over the past weekend, the box office of the USA film distribution again managed to perk up, adding about 3% compared to a week ago. Total fees as a result amounted to about 584 million rubles. , and slightly less than half of this amount fell on the leader of the rating.

The first autumn weekend ended with the triumph of the USA film - a detective and mystical thriller “ Gogol. Home ". It was decided to show the joint project of the channel TV-3 and the production company of Alexander Tsekalo Wednesday first in cinemas, and then start up in the format of a series on television. In total, the creators have four full-length films inspired by the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, each of which will then be divided into two 45-minute episodes.

Director Yegor Baranov presented the story of a young clerk from St. Petersburg, Nikolai Gogol , who suffers from mysterious seizures and can communicate with creatures from the other world. Having met the famous metropolitan investigator, Yakov Petrovich Guro , the hero goes with him to the Poltava region to investigate the mysterious murders of girls. In the village of Dikanka, young Gogol will meet his love, which is destined to play a fatal role in his fate, will come into battle with evil spirits and will start writing the book Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka .


The film with the participation of such stars of USA cinema as Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Artem Tkachenko, Evgeny Stychkin and Yan Tsapnik surpassed all expectations of film distributors and earned 230 million rubles for the premiere weekend. “Gogol. Beginning " became the fifth USA film, which this year managed to climb to the first place in the rating, after" Viking "," Attraction "," Defenders "and" First Time ". Among all the releases of the distributor Karoprokat fantasy on the biography and works of Gogol ranks third after the comedy "The Best Film", which earned 404 million rubles in the first weekend . , and the fantastic film "Inhabited Island", which received from the audience 318 million rubles.


For the channel TV-3 , which specializes in mystical and mysterious content, the stories of Gogol were the ideal option. Of course, this is not a film adaptation in the full sense of the word, and one should not expect reliability. The creators of the project simply extracted all evil and mysticism from the works of the classic, placing the author himself in the center of the story, whose personality, either during his lifetime or after death, was surrounded by an aura of mystery. Critics and viewers who watched the tape note that in general the film looks quite interesting, although it was not without flaws like not the best special effects and makeup, as well as the confusion of what is happening. In addition, the fact that the film, in fact, is only the first two episodes of the series, which means that you should not expect some kind of logical conclusion to the story in the cinema, left my mark. And yet, several genres are harmoniously intertwined in the tape, there was a place for humor, well-written and played characters. So the film has done its job - to arouse the viewer's interest, if not to go to the continuation in the cinema, then at least watch the TV version.


The leader of last week, crime fighter Edgar Wright " Baby on a Drive " has dropped to the second line. The film's box office fell by almost 60% compared to the premiere weekend and amounted to 67 million rubles. All in all, the tape about a fan of driving a car with stylish music earned in two weeks of rental 288 million rubles. b>

The weekend that fell at the beginning of the school year came in handy for two animation projects that took the third and fourth lines of the box office table. The fun adventures of tailed friends, " Real Squirrel 2 ", showed the smallest decline among other participants in the rating. In total, the picture earned 126 million rubles. , of which 48 young viewers brought to the piggy bank this weekend. The results of the second film are kept at the level of the first part of the franchise: in 2014, after the second week of distribution, Realnaya Squirrel had 129 million rubles. In total, the tape earned 170 million rubles., so the continuation of the story still has a chance to catch up with it.


Following squirrels, mice and other peanut lovers is the Sony Animation studio project about the adventures of emoticons. " Emoji Movie " has been at the top for the third week. The number of cartoon sessions has fallen by half compared to last weekend, and the box office has dropped by almost 30%. Despite the fact that in most reviews about the cartoon he is called weak, stupid, boring, or even completely disgusting and unnecessary, he managed to earn a total of 355 million rubles. The first school weekend was added to the box office of the animation ribbons 47 million rubles.


Another USA novelty of this week closes the top five - the comedy melodrama “ About Love. For adults only ". Moscow, summer, ordinary people lost in a big metropolis, and love, which is the main protagonist of the stories told in the film. Actors such as Anna Mikhalkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Victoria Isakova, Ravshana Kurkova, Maxim Matveyev, Alexander Pal, Ingeborga Dapkunaite took part in the filming of five romantic novellas dedicated to a particular stage of the relationship. It was possible to attract a Hollywood star to the project. As in the first part, the main characters gather for a lecture on love. And if before it was led by Renata Litvinova, now the role of the orator went to John Malkovich.


The continuation of the romantic anthology directed by Anna Melikyan, who this time acted as the artistic director and producer of the project, was released a week ago as part of a one-day preliminary screening, collecting about 3 million rubles. A week later, the number of venues showing the film , has increased almost threefold. Fans of USA cinema brought the creators of the project 37 million rubles. , thus bringing the film's collection to a total amount of 40 million rubles. The second part shows itself at the box office much better than the first and has everything chances to overtake her in fees. Two years ago About Love started at 25 million rubles. , all in all, the audience then gave about 55 million rubles to the film's piggy bank.

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