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Inquisitive Neeson and Forgetful Hedgehog: Watch This Week

Image September is heading towards its finale, but autumn is no reason to wrap yourself up in a blanket in anticipation of warm days. This week distributors promise as many as nine premieres. Everyone will find a movie to their liking: the billboard includes a political investigation, love during the Crimea, Turkish special services, and a hedgehog with amnesia. In a word, the viewer of any age and preference will find something for himself.

First on the list is the Watergate. Collapse of the White House ". Liam Neeson has finally put aside the script of the next "Hostage" and remembered that he is also a wonderful dramatic actor. This time he played the role of Mark Felt, deputy head of the FBI. It was Felt who became the key link in the case against Richard Nixon - the only president in American history who was removed from office before his term expired.

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The intense drama will tell about one of the most high-profile political scandals of the last century. The head of the White House was accused of spying on rivals from the Democratic Party, but he in every possible way denied his involvement in the conspiracies. It was thanks to the information provided by Mark Felt that irrefutable evidence of Nixon's guilt emerged. The film tells the story of a man who staked everything to get to the bottom of the truth and bring this truth to the whole world ...

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Action-drama "Mercenary", in which CIA officers team up with Turkish counterintelligence to prevent the Third World War, is interesting primarily by two personalities: the director and one of the leading roles. Michael Cuesta directed the critically acclaimed film "Twelve" and also had a hand in the hit series Rodina. The special agent trainer is played by the genius Michael Keaton, whose star was re-lit after the release of the movie "Birdman", and now he sells burgers, then fights with Peter Parker.


The new domestic film "Crimea" will tell the love story of a young man and a girl against the backdrop of an armed conflict that led to the peninsula joining USA. In the director's chair Alexey Pimanov, known for his projects about the era of Stalinism. Taking into account that the political disputes around the Ukrainian issue still do not subside, with a high degree of probability we will see the point of view of the authors on the events of not so long ago.

ImageRobert Pattinson does everything to move away from the image of a vampire, enveloped in a romantic haze ... He then rides a whole movie in a limousine, then helps Guy Pearce return the car, then moonlights in Hollywood as a chauffeur for celebrities. In the film "Good Time" he has to first go to rob a bank, and then do everything to return his brother - a person with mental disabilities. The picture was shortlisted this year at the Cannes Film Festival and was awarded the Palme d'Or for the best soundtrack.

Domestic filmmakers, apparently, decided that for a successful love melodrama, filmed "as in America", it is necessary to use not only the Western manner of telling the story itself, but also the external surroundings. To create the film "Love in the City of Angels" the entire film crew went straight to Los Angeles. We will soon find out whether it worked or not, but USAs in America are a huge field for thought and contrasts.

The efficiency of Guillaume Canet can only be envied. Just a few months ago, the famous Frenchman released an ironic tape about the crisis of the forties, and this week he is going in search of a child. The painting "My Son" tells the story of a man who lost his family due to his constant employment. But as soon as he finds out that his offspring is missing, he drops everything and starts searching on his own. It seems that Kane decided to release several projects at once, one way or another concerning men in a family and a family in the heart of a man.


"The Ice Hole" is a new domestic film with a social-fantastic slant. At the ice-hole on one day there are people and not only, whose roads at another time would never have crossed. Again, director Andrei Silvestrov dissects human emotions, destinies and desires, poses difficult questions and tries to find answers to them. The audience goes on this mental journey together with the director.

ImageFinally, the Italian variation on the theme “have changed bodies. " The comedy was supposed to start a few weeks ago, but it's only coming out now. Inspired by "Freaky Friday" and "Chick", Italians filmed a tape about gender substitutions "Not Your Body." Despite the fact that the topic is not new, the reviews for the new feed are mostly positive. Although it is possible that the viewer simply yearned for such shape-shifters.

For the smallest viewers, distributors are releasing Bobby the Hedgehog: Thorny Adventures this week. The protagonist of the tape is the Hedgehog, who once woke up in the forest and realized that he had forgotten absolutely everything about his life. The little hero sets out on a journey full of questions, the first among which is: who is he, in fact, is he?

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