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Gogol: the beginning of the school year. Watch this week

Image The first weekend of autumn is preparing to give film fans a whole scattering of films of different genres and countries. The main premiere will be Gogol. Beginning " , which Alexander Tsekalo decided to release unambiguously for the new academic year. But those who are indifferent to the craft of dreamers from TV-3 will not be left without films.

Once Tsekalo came to TV-3 with the idea of filming a mystical procedural about Nikolai Vasilyevich. If Americans are filming fantasies about their classics (for example, "Fleming: The Man Who Wanted to Become Bond"), why shouldn't USA directors try? Previously, such initiatives lacked either the budget, or the courage, or the preparedness of the audience, but now TV-3 is already strongly associated with mysticism of all kinds.


The ubiquitous Alexander Petrov, the brilliant Oleg Menshikov and the talented Evgeny Stychkin were invited to the main roles. And as characters to Nikolai Vasilyevich , residents of the village of Dikanka and its environs familiar to everyone from school were added. And despite the controversy of the idea, early reviews from USA critics were cautiously positive. But there are still three sequel films ahead.

ImageIn 2011, Seann William Scott made an attempt to disown the image Steve Stiffler , and a very good one: then the film "Bouncer" was released, which was warmly received by critics. And now, six years later, the sequel starts - the painting "Bouncer: Epic Mix" . Judging by the trailers, everything for which the audience fell in love with the first part migrated into the sequel - sparkling jokes, fights on the ice and the wonderful artist Liv Schreiber. And Jay Baruchel this time not only wrote the script, but also led the shooting.

In terms of the cast, The Secret of the 7 Sisters is every movie fan's dream, starring Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe and Glenn Close. But that is not all. The director of the film is Tommy Virkola, a Norwegian with a great sense of humor. This director successfully plays the fool in his homeland (the "Operation Dead Snow" dilogy), and comes to America to earn money and meet famous actors. The previous American project Virkola , although it gathered a good box office all over the world, left behind an ambiguous impression. It's time for Tommy to show that he can not only humor about dead Nazis and fantasize about the heroes of the brothers Grimm .

Duplicate trailer

The tape "Quest" once again tells the story of a kind of Pandora's box, inside which all kinds of tragedies and misfortunes of mankind are hidden. The creators of the tape decided to combine a mysterious box with ominous content and the now fashionable way of spending time - a quest. And also add screen legend Sean Young to the feed. True, Peter Dukes, the film's director and screenwriter, is a newcomer to big-time cinema. But the experience of past films has already proved that newcomers should not be underestimated.

Image "Havenhurst" is not a name only one of the upcoming premieres, but also the hotel in which the film takes place. The main character checks in, trying to find out where her friend, who was previously a hotel guest, has gone. But if Hitchcock turned a similar storyline into a masterpiece, then "Havenhurst" criticism abroad leaves much to be desired. And this despite the fact that people worked on its creation, having released such hits as "Saw" and "Amityville Horror: Awakening."

The cartoon Gang of Seals , originally from Mexico, will tell you about how decisive animals gather in a squad to end crime in their favorite city. In parallel, they need to charm everyone around and do not forget to sharpen their claws. Judging by the trailers, the graphics level of Mexican cartoons is much lower than Hollywood animated films, however, the target audience is not as demanding as the older viewers. And all generations have a sense of humor, the main thing is that the jokes are really funny.

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