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US Boxing Office: Suicides Set Records

Image The past weekend ( August 5-7 ) at the North American box office was marked " Suicide Squad ". The new blockbuster of the DC cinematic universe has significantly surpassed its closest competitors and broke several records at once.

So, thanks to the amount of $ 135.1 million earned over the weekend, the film David Eyre is now the champion of August in the box office in the premiere week. The previous record was set in 2014 by Guardians of the Galaxy ($ 94.3 million).

At the worldwide box office, Suicide Squad grossed $ 132 million in 57 countries, and the total blockbuster result ( $ 267.1 million ) is comparable to that showed Deadpool in February. However, the mercenary in red tights impressed critics, but the company of villains did not. The Air feed currently has a depressing 26% rating on RottenTomatoes , which has prompted some die-hard DC fans to petition the site to close. Moviegoers gave the movie a B + rating, not much better than Batman v Superman ( B ).


In rare positive reviews, critics say that Eyru managed to diversify the superhero genre to some extent, and the characters make the viewer empathize with them. Here the majority of professional reviewers enter into an argument - there are indeed heroes in the film for every taste, but the director did not know what to do with them. The much anticipated Joker performed by Jared Leto will definitely not outshine his predecessors with his madness, and Rick Flag is the weakest link in the entire team. Probably, it is still the overestimated expectations of the blockbuster after the aggressive advertising campaign carried out by WB , but now the studio has to wait for the next weekend, because negative criticism can significantly affect the financial results of the film.


Last week's winner " Jason Bourne " found itself in the opposite situation - despite the excellent review from the audience, the film Paul Greengrass immediately sank 62% and earned only $ 22.7 million . The reason for this is the competition in the face of Suicide Squad , and distributors are already saying that the studio Universal was a little too hasty with the premiere of the action movie. All in all, the tape has $ 103.4 million at home and $ 91.9 million globally (excluding the United States). According to critics, Greengrass has always skillfully presented the political background of history and touched upon the problems of justice, however, he sometimes deviates from such serious topics for the sake of spectacular chases and fights.


But the results of the comedy " Very Bad Moms " were not influenced by the competition from the movie comics DC so much - the loss of viewership was only 40%. The painting by John Lucas and Scott Moore added to its asset $ 14.2 million and boasts the amount of $ 51.1 million at home rental. Well, it's not for nothing that the reviewers have already named the film the funniest film of the year, in which there was a place not only for debauchery and noisy parties, but also for serious issues of raising children.


On the fourth line were pets, whose secret life does not leave viewers indifferent for the fifth week in a row. Evidence of this is $ 11.6 million , which went to the tape's piggy bank. Thanks to the $ 319.6 million raised in the US, the film will now receive a sequel and promises to be another successful franchise that can amuse both children and adults.


Blockbuster " Star Trek: Infinity " finished the weekend with a result of $ 10.2 million , which allowed him to take only the fifth place in the financial rankings. Justin Lean lost another 59% of viewers in its third week, and ends up only having $ 127.9 million at home. Taking into account the global gross, the triquel earned $ 194.4 million , which is slightly more than its production budget ( $ 185 million ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman