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US Boxing Office Found Record Holder Dory

Image 13 years after the release of Finding Nemo, Disney and Pixar studios presented the sequel to the film. Their bet worked - the audience, who missed the friendly fish, rushed to storm the cinemas last weekend ( June 17-19 ).

" Finding Dory " started in the American box office with a record amount for an animated film of $ 136.2 million , beating the achievement of "Shrek the Third" ($ 121.6 million) ... If we compare the results of the sequel and the first part, then the blue fish Dory surpassed its predecessor almost twice. The cartoon Angus McLane and Andrew Stanton is also a success in the world box office - he already has about $ 50 million there.

Finding Dory has earned an excellent A rating from viewers and, as many analysts say, has become a much-needed catalyst for the US box office, which has recently witnessed the failure of a number of sequels.


Professional reviewers were also delighted with the picture. It is noteworthy that finding negative reviews from critics for a cartoon is not an easy task. It's not even worth talking about the visual component, because Pixar always keeps its brand. At the same time, the content does not lag behind the beautiful picture: the project team managed to organically combine laughter and tears in the tape, which makes it an excellent family film that will excite the minds and hearts of viewers for a long time.


With a great lag behind the leader, but with a good result for himself, is the comedy " Spy and a half ". In the first weekend, the film, starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, managed to earn $ 34.5 million . Distributors predict that the film will complete a home theater tour with over $ 100 million , and Johnson and Hart are already planning to play together in the Jumanji remake .

While Rawson Marshall Thurber has received good audiences ( A- on CinemaScore ), critics have not shared the same enthusiasm. But even they noted that Spy 1.5 makes the audience laugh almost every two minutes, and this is, in large part, the merit of the comedy duo Hart and Johnson . Some reviewers see the picture as just another buddy movie, where there is nothing but silly jokes and chases in the style of 90s action movies.


The third place in the top-5 was taken by the leader of the previous week - the horror film " The Conjuring 2 ", which added an additional $ 15.6 million to its piggy bank. The film James Wang sank 61.5%, but at the same time boasts of honestly earned $ 71.7 million . The tape was one of the few sequels that managed not to fail at the box office. Wang has once again proved that he has a great sense of the audience and knows how to manipulate the audience. Good reviews and success in the box office have already pushed New Line to launch a spin-off of the second Conjuring .


On the fourth line is another sequel - " The illusion of deception 2 ". His performance at home is hardly successful. The second week brought the film John M. Chu an additional $ 9.7 million , and in total it has $ 41.4 million at home and $ 91.1 million worldwide. Apparently, viewers are already fed up with tricks balancing on the brink of reality and fiction, while Lionsgate still believes in success and is working on the third part of the film series.


However, nothing beats the failure of Warcraft fantasy. Following a rather weak debut weekend, Duncan Jones lost 73% of its already not very large viewership. According to this indicator, she can compete with the horror "Friday the 13th" and the melodrama "Fifty Shades of Gray", but at least in the first week they earned more than $ 40 million. "Warcraft" last weekend was able to master only $ 6.5 million , and his home gross is $ 37.7 million . True, overseas viewers save the tape from complete failure - they have already put in the piggy bank of the blockbuster $ 377.6 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman