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Marilyn Monroe: 90th Anniversary of the Birth of the Goddess of Love

Image On the first day of June 90 years ago, a girl was born in a hospital in Los Angeles, who was destined to write her name in history and become an idol for many generations. We are talking about Marilyn Monroe - a woman with the face of an angel and a difficult fate, a film actress, singer, Hollywood icon and sex symbol of the 20th century.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson was the third child of Gladys Pearl Baker . About the same who was the real biological father of the future star, history is silent. Mother Norma worked as a film editor and in her free time preferred to have fun, rather than raise children. In addition, Gladys had health problems, which is why she often became a patient of psychiatric clinics.

Childhood Marilyn Monroe passed in orphanages and foster families. They changed one after another, and by the age of 16, the girl realized that she wanted to be independent. Fortunately, James Dougherty turned up on the arm of Marilyn , whom she happily jumped out to marry. When her husband went to serve in the Navy, Marilyn got a job at an aircraft factory. Here fate brought her together with a photographer, and thanks to him, a modeling business appeared in the girl's life. A year later, she signed a contract with the studio 20th Century Fox , where she was invited as a statistician.


So instead of Norma Jean , Marilyn Monroe was born. Her film debut took place in the film "Dangerous Years", followed by small roles in the films "Scandalous Miss Pilgrim" and "Scuddah!" Scudda-hey! " A beautiful girl with an appetizing figure immediately attracted the audience and critics. However, despite the successes of the aspiring actress, the directors continued to see in her only a bright wrapper, not really thinking about the content.

ImageOne after another there were offers to star in melodramas and romantic comedies, where Monroe certainly got the role of seductive and not burdened with intelligence blondes. She played in the films How to Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, There is no such business as show business, The Seven Year Itch and many others. Despite the dissatisfaction of Marilyn with her own career, she became a star, and fans dubbed her the Goddess of Love .

One of the best works of the film actress is rightfully considered her role in the film "There are only girls in the jazz", where Marilyn appeared in the form of Darling - a soloist of a female ensemble who dreamed of marrying a rich man, and eventually found happiness with a poor musician. For this tape Monroe received the Golden Globe award, and the song “I Wanna Be Loved by You” performed by Marilynbelongs to the best singles of the last century.

Throughout her life, the actress dreamed of acting in serious dramas, and fate gave her such a chance - in 1961 the film "The Misfits" was released, where Marilyn was lucky to work with the great Clark Gable. The tape became the last full-length film with the participation of Monroe .


In August 1962, Marilyn Monroe left this world ... Even now, after many years, they continue to devote songs, books, films, fan-art to her. The actress always wanted others to notice her real talent, but she remained a hostage of her own image and an unsolved mystery for many creators.

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