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Killing Sweetness

Image The collaboration of James Wang and New Line Cinema has been very fruitful: their "Conjuring" universe has already raised about $ 1 billion . The franchise continues to actively develop, and Wang is preparing another joint project with the studio.

According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the major has acquired the rights to create a remake of the short film Sweet Tooth ( Sweet Tooth *), which premiered in July at the Montreal Genre Film Festival. Nico van den Brink , who directed and authored the original, will be in charge of the upcoming film. No scriptwriter has yet been found for the project, and Wang and Chris Bender ("The Hangover in Vegas") will be producing it.

The main character of the short film is a woman who returned home and found that her neighbors, mother and two children, had been killed. She is shocked by what happened, but the worst lies ahead: suddenly she begins to hear the children laughing and crawling ...


Several years ago, New Line Cinema likewise acquired the rights to a short film by David F. Sandberg, then unknown to the general public. Under the strict guidance of James Wang , the film turned into a successful horror film "The Lights Go Out ...", and Sandberg became a discovery for Hollywood. Subsequently, he led the filming of the second "The Curse of Annabelle" and is already preparing to work on the blockbuster "Shazam". Perhaps the Dutchman Nico van den Brink will turn into another star found by Van and New Line .

* -preliminary translation.

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