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Netflix Saved The Lucifer Series


Netflix's streaming service has rescued the hit TV series "Lucifer," which Fox had previously canceled. Amazon also took part in the competition for the rights to the show, but Netflix's offer turned out to be better.

Before the shooting of the fourth episode, many difficult legal issues will have to be resolved, since in different countries "Lucifer" is broadcast by different channels and platforms. In particular, Amazon is showing it in the UK.

The key actors in the series, who have previously supported the social media campaign under the hashtag #SaveLucifer, are encouraged by the news of the future collaboration with Netflix. "The fourth season of Lucifer on Netflix sounds great. You fans made it possible." - Tom Ellis, who played the title role, wrote on his official Twitter page.

Recall that the project is based on the Vertigo comic book series. In the center of the plot is the prince of darkness himself, who turns out to be on Earth and helps a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department. Fox closed the show in mid-May 2018 after three seasons. The timing of work on the sequel to "Lucifer" has not yet been specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman