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Jennifer Lawrence will create a scandalous startup

Image Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated three times and has received one Oscar award for creating strong female images on screens. Adam McKay , in turn, received the coveted statuette for the script "The Falling Game". It is difficult even to imagine the effect of cooperation of such talented people. However, according to Deadline , in the near future, moviegoers will have such an opportunity - Lawrence and McKay have begun work on a drama about a scandalous startup founded by a young Elizabeth Holmes .

In 2003, Holmes created the medical company Theranos , which promised to diagnose more than a hundred diseases by analyzing just one drop of a patient's blood through the use of innovative technologies. The company's value was estimated at $ 9 billion , and the fortune of Holmes itself - at $ 4.5 billion . She was named the youngest female billionaire by Forbes .

However, last fall, Theranos was suspected of fraud - the management did not provide evidence of the innovativeness of the technology used. An investigation by The Wall Street Journal has led to disappointing conclusions: all of Elizabeth's medical ideas border on fiction. Herself Holmes and her brainchild have fallen into the epicenter of a series of scandals, and are now under investigation. Analysts reassessed Theranos and found that the current startup value is $ 800 million . Almost all of this amount is the investment of investors, which means that the state of Holmes is zero.


Journalists are already in anticipation of such an ambitious project, since McKay is able to present difficult material in a simple and understandable form, and Lawrence is quite capable of playing Elizabeth Holmes b>, which was once called"Steve Jobs in a skirt".

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Author: Jake Pinkman