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Top Grossing Actors of 2017

Image Forbes magazine continues to sum up the financial results of the year. Following the list of Hollywood's unprofitable stars, the authoritative economic publication has published a rating of the highest-grossing actors in the Dream Factory.

According to the established tradition, only key actors in films come to the attention of Forbes analysts. The rating compilers also do not take into account the voice acting of cartoon and CG characters.

Vin Diesel became the leader of the financial rating in 2017, films with whose participation brought studios $ 1.581 billion. The main contribution to the actor's success was made by the blockbuster "Fast and the Furious 8", which earned $ 1.235 billion at the worldwide box office. Another exciting action game was in great demand in the outgoing year. Vin's participation - "Three Xs: World Domination". On account of the new film about the adventures of Xander Cage turned out to be $ 346 million. Diesel's result would have been even more impressive if Forbes magazine credited him with the superhero action movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 ", in which he gave the voice to Groot.


Diesel's chase is led by his Fast and Furious 8 partner Dwayne Johnson. Pictures with the participation of the Rock have already collected more than $ 1.533 billion in 2017. In addition to the next part of the racing franchise of the Universal studio, the comedy action movie "Rescuers Malibu", which earned $ 177 million, was in the piggy bank of the actor's film projects. another film with his participation continues on the screens of cinemas - "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle".


The third step of the podium was taken by Gal Gadot, who this year has become the main star of the DC cinematic universe. Wonder Woman and Justice League grossed $ 1.47 billion at the box office.


The top ten highest grossing movie stars of 2017 also included Emma Watson ($ 1.3 billion), Johnny Depp ($ 1.1 billion), Daisy Ridley ($ 1.08 billion), Tom Holland ($ 888 million), Chris Pratt ($ 864 million), Chris Hemsworth ($ 845 million) and John Boyega ($ 815 million).

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Author: Jake Pinkman