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Daniel Radcliffe will end a life of crime

Image Daniel Radcliffe was already a wizard, a multifunctional corpse and even tried to deceive the best illusionists, and now he is ready to plunge headlong into the world of crime. As the site The Tracking Board managed to find out, the actor will play the main role in the movie Beast of Burden .

The filming of the project will be headed by the Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt, whom moviegoers may know from the tapes Farewell, Falkenberg! and Gorilla. He will have to work according to the script by Adam Helzel.

Sean Haggerty , a man accustomed to keeping secrets, will be at the center of events in the new film. He lies to everyone and everything - the feds, the cartel and even his wife Julie . However, Sean is ready to finally get out of the illegal business, for which he needs to complete the last task - to transport 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small plane. But first, the main character has to survive ...


While the most famous role of Radcliffe is Harry Potter, but the actor continues to appear in films of various genres. So, the black comedy "The Swiss Knife Man", released in the summer, pleasantly surprised critics, and soon Radcliffe will be seen in the crime thriller "Absolute Power", where he will try on the image of an undercover agent.

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Author: Jake Pinkman