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John Carpenter explores the dark side of TV

Image If we talk about directors whose name is associated with horror, then John Carpenter is one of the first on this list. He has had such classic horror films as Halloween and The Thing, but Carpenter has taken a sabbatical - his latest film so far is 2010's Chamber.

A couple of years ago, information appeared that, together with his wife and producer Sandy King, Carpenter was working on several television projects, and now the filmmaker is seriously dealing with this issue. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , the horror legend has signed an agreement with Universal Cable Productions and is preparing two series at once.

The first one is Carpenter being developed with the Syfy channel. The anthology Tales for a Halloween Night will be based on the graphic novel of the same name. This is a collection of stories by Carpenter himself and other authors, in which you can find horror stories with graves, sinking ships and ghosts. No screenwriter has been found yet.


Also, in conjunction with UCP Carpenter is adapting for small screens a series of books by Simon Green called The Dark Side . Jill E. Blotvogel ("The Scream") has been selected as the scriptwriter for the project.The original is set in an area located inside London, where the sun never shines and the entrance is hidden from prying eyes, which, however, does not prevent tourists from the normal world from visiting the Dark Side for the sake of curiosity. According to the protagonist, private investigator John Taylor , dreams come true and the worst nightmares come true in this mysterious place. Here you can buy everything at the cost of your own soul or someone else's, the music never stops and the fun never ends.


"On the one hand, I am going back to the roots - with Universal I have a lot of pleasant memories, and on the other hand, this is a step into the future with the support of new talented partners", - noted in his statement to Carpenter .

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