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USAn Box Office: Dunkirk fell in front of an explosive blonde

Image If last weekend was one of the worst in 2017, then the results of this weekend were the most disastrous for at least the last year and a half. USA viewers have traditionally gone to vacations and dachas, or they simply preferred to spend time walking around the city, rather than sitting in a dark hall. Those who nevertheless decided to go to the cinema at the weekend brought in just over 370 million rubles .

In the first place of the rating is the novelty of this week, the spy thriller by David Leitch " Explosive blonde ". Based on the graphic novel by Anthony Johnston The Coldest City about the Cold War intelligence confrontation, the film follows Charlize Theron's British spy who travels to Berlin to find a list of double agents secretly crossing the West. ...


And although critics complain about problems with the script and the lack of a semantic component, the audience appreciated the film. Charlize Theron looks very organic and convincing in the role of a kind of female version of James Bond or Jason Bourne. Well-staged tricks and fights don't get bored, including an action scene shot in one take, in which the main character manages, constantly changing locations, to fight, shoot and get a couple of hits from the enemy. In addition, the audience also notes the perfectly conveyed atmosphere of the restless city, which is complemented by a soundtrack composed entirely of hits from the late 80s - early 90s. All this allowed Explosive Blonde to earn 95 million rubles in the first week of rental.

This figure surpasses the box office of the first film about John Wick , on which David Leitch also collaborated with Chad Stahelski. In 2015, a crime fighter about a former hired killer earned 50 million rubles at the start. However, the film about the fatal blonde still falls short of the box office of the sequel, which in the premiere weekend reached the mark of 161 million rubles. . And for the film, which took first place, the box office result is the worst this year. The last time when the box office leader did not reach 100 million rubles was in December 2015. Then Ron Howard's film "In the Heart of the Sea" about the trials that befell the crew of a whaling ship climbed to the first line. In its second week of distribution, the drama grossed 92 million rubles .


However, even this modest record of Cold War espionage history was enough to remove Christopher Nolan's war drama Dunkirk from the top spot. The audience appreciated the director's innovative approach, atmosphere, musical accompaniment by Hans Zimmer, masterful editing, thanks to which Nolan managed to tell three stories at once, lasting from one hour to seven days. And still, in the second week of rental, the tape managed to add only 59 million rubles to the piggy bank. , which is almost 2.5 times less compared to the results of the previous weekend. All in all, the picture of the British filmmaker has earned 259 million rubles.


The third place at the box office is occupied by the fantastic action movie War for the Planet of the Apes . By the third week of the rental, Matt Reeves' picture had already won 631 million rubles from viewers. The number of screenings of the film was more than halved, but this did not stop him from bringing in 45 million rubles over the past weekend.

Another novelty this week, the Franco-Belgian animation film “ Become a Legend! Bigfoot Junior ", placed on the fourth line and made the long-liver of the rating move forward - the continuation of the franchise about the adventures of Gru and his assistants. An adventure story about a boy Adam , who went in search of his father and found that the blood of the last legendary keepers of the Bigfoot forest flows in him, received 42 million rubles from viewers during the first weekend.


The cartoon was launched, the distributor of which was the company "Volga" , at the level of its other projects, such as "Underwater Era" ( 42 million rubles ), "Big Dog Escape" ( 42 million rubles. ) and "Robinson Crusoe" ( 41 million rubles. ), but still much better than the Sino-American film "Rock Dog", which earned over the weekend at the beginning of May this year 24 million rubles .


Closes the top five continuation of the popular studio franchise Illumination , " Despicable Me 3 ". The tape has been in the lead for the fifth week in a row, and the next weekend brought it another 35 million rubles . All in all, the adventures of charming heroes saving the world from a new villain and trying to find mutual understanding and a cute fluffy unicorn between times, have collected 1.43 billion rubles in the USA box office.

This exceeds the total fees of the second part of the franchise, which four years ago amounted to 1.16 billion rubles. , but the results of last year's "Minions" cannot catch up with the third film. The story of little yellow banana lovers with an obsession to serve the most evil and disgusting person on the planet earned a total of 1.87 billion rubles .

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