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Harsh Jackman and Badass McConaughey: Watch This Week

Image It seems that we are in for a shock weekend: we want to watch every premiere at least once. The main release of the week, and indeed of the month, will be the long-awaited Logan . Unfortunately, it is very likely that the third solo album Wolverine will force the legendary mutant played by Hugh Jackman to "hang his claws on a nail." But the actor did not part with this image for 17 years! For the third part of the franchise about the brutal Wolverine , James Mangold, who worked in the director's chair and in the previous, "eastern" part of "Wolverine: Immortal", is responsible for the script, and Michael Green ("Blade Runner 2049 "). According to Mangold , while working on the painting, he was inspired by the western genre, familiar to him firsthand. In the meantime, critics have already dubbed the projectThe New Dark Knight, and this is intriguing.

The atmospheric trailer also showed that the drama and action are serious, and the twilight over the weakened superhero is only deepening - the R rating confirms this. The action of the picture will unfold in 2029 - the world has changed dramatically, and X-Men have ceased to exist. Lonely Logan is close to only one of the mutants - Professor Charles Xavier , suffering from Alzheimer's disease and gradually losing his memory. But the unusually measured life of the hero is destined to change dramatically, and he himself will again have to release his claws. The reason for this will be the mutant girl Laura (Daphne Keane), who has the same abilities as him, and is of great interest to dangerous individuals (Boyd Holbrook) and even the entire powerful corporation.


Despite the spectacular promotional campaign and the already proven cast, many critics were immediately concerned about several features of Logan . For example, some isolation of Wolverine (due to the natural "division" of characters between Marvel and Fox ), as well as the lack of a vivid antagonist. Paradoxically, perhaps the latter will not prevent us from parting with the hero ... At the same time, the words of Hugh Jackman , as well as many American critics, about the mood and philosophical message of the tape make one think that Logan is something completely new in the world of both the X-Men franchise, and comic book adaptations and the superhero genre in general.

ImageAnother picture that can ruffle the wallets of USAs can be a crime drama "Gold" with the traditionally brilliant Matthew McConaughey in the title role. The film by Steven Geagan, the Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay for Traffic, is based on the true story of the modern gold miner Kenny Wells . He, obsessed with a truly American dream of great wealth and success, went to Indonesia in search of a gold mine. According to many critics, the activities of Wells Corporation, presented in the film, very much resemble the famous story of the major bankruptcy of the Canadian company Bre-X in 1993.<
Of course, the plot itself is unlikely to surprise a more or less advanced viewer. Already only the hooligan trailer from the first shots resembles "The Wolf of Wall Street", where McConaughey had a chance to fulfill his already iconic role. Critics greeted "Gold" rather coolly, noting that in comparison with both the latest films on financial topics, for example, the Selling Game, and the already classic adventurous dramas, the tape by Geiganloses and seems a bit secondary. Nevertheless, one cannot fail to note the colorful and multifaceted image of McConaughey and not at all "spoiled" appearance (bald head and fullness) - some scenes with his participation make "Gold" at least gilded.

ImageOf course, the main family picture of the weekend will be the animated musical "Sing " . As practice shows, the musical genre is now quite in demand in the modern film industry, so why not sing to animals? Of course, the plot of this animation is extremely simple - it revolves around vocal competitions between several colorful and colorful animal characters. The ruining theater is run by a koala named Buster Moon , who announces a competition for all singing lovers to save his institution. Five lucky guys will get to the final, they are not alike at all. Musical numbers here are interspersed with personal, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes funny stories of heroes about their struggle with their fears and the path to success. The viewer, large and small, will enjoy beautiful and varied music and, of course, subtle humor that will make you smile for a long time.

The filming of the project was directed by Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and curated by his young studio Illumination Entertainment , beloved by many for all the parts of Despicable Me and last year's The Secret Life of Pets. It is still difficult to say whether this novelty will be able to achieve the same success in the world box office as its predecessors. Comparisons with the sparkling "Zootopia" here also suggest themselves very quickly - the opinions of critics on this matter were divided. Perhaps you shouldn't take the "Beast" , which our distributors quite prudently translated in order to inspire the correct associations, is too serious and expect another animal mythology and special style from it - here a lot lies on the surface, and the plot and the main message is quite obvious even for a child. But where, if not in a cartoon,

Fans of auteur cinema will not be able to pass by the mystical drama "Personal Shopper" by Olivier Assayas, which was noted at the Cannes Film Festival . The plot of the picture itself is rather strange: it tells the story of the communication of a depressed girl (Kristen Stewart) with her recently deceased twin brother in a very unexpected way. The heroine has a rather specific job - she selects fashionable clothes for busy and wealthy people. The film combines both drama and horror, at times forcing the viewer to empathize, and at times to flinch. The tape received a wide variety of ratings, but almost all critics agreed that this role is a new stage in the career of Kristen Stewart .

Attention can also be attracted by two paintings about different women's destinies, the charms and sorrows of loneliness. Erotic drama with the telling title "SEX DOLL" Sylvie Vered will tell about the forbidden love of an elite prostitute and her client, and a light Italian comedy "Happiness to be alone" by Laura Morante is dedicated to a woman's crisis middle age, when it is so necessary to feel independent and free, despite the past and obligations.

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