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X-Men can return home

Image Disney Corporation is not averse to taking one more step towards dominating the global film market. Currently, the Walt Disney empire already owns such famous brands as Pixar, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, and now it has its eyes on the studio 20th Century Fox.

According to the journalists of the authoritative edition of The Wall Street Journal, the preliminary round of negotiations between the heads of corporations Fox and Disney took place in an atmosphere of increased secrecy a few weeks ago. Rumor has it that the bosses of the companies have decided to take a short break at the moment to think over the details of the deal.

Insiders report that senior Fox executives are interested in Disney's offer, as 20th Century Fox has become more and more difficult to compete with other Hollywood majors lately.


Fox executives intend to retain their main broadcast, sports and news networks, but would like to hand over popular channels such as National Geographic and FX to Disney. The most valuable asset in the deal, however, is of course Fox's film department. The acquisition of 20th Century Fox will allow Walt Disney to acquire full rights to the original Star Wars trilogy, become the master of the Avatar universe, and bring the X-Men heroes back under the wing of Marvel Studios.


Over the past few years, Marvel has already managed to buy the rights to popular comic characters such as The Punisher, Blade, and Ghost Rider. The deal with Sony for joint custody of Spider-Man turned out to be a huge success. If Marvel returns to its native land and also a large army of mutants, the creators of its cinematic universe will open up truly endless opportunities for new superhero crossovers.


Although Fox and Disney studio officials have so far refrained from commenting, sensational information about a potential deal between multibillion-dollar corporations has spread throughout Hollywood. So, Ryan Reynolds has already asked on his Twitter account how the transition of the X-Men under the wing of the Marvel studio could affect the fate of further films about the talkative mercenary Deadpool. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has not yet risked releasing R-rated comic books on screens, but a deal with Fox could force him to rethink the company's policy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman