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Young Garmash and the Horrors of Aronofsky: Watch This Week

Image September is in full swing, and distributors are starting to reduce the concentration of blockbusters per square meter, but at the same time increasing the number of films with boo-effect. The film adaptation of the horror film "It", which started last week, will be joined by a couple of fellow genres. But even for viewers who prefer to go to the cinema for something other than horror, distributors have prepared several films.

The most anticipated premiere of this week will be Mom! directed by Darren Aronofsky. He also wrote the script for this disturbing story. Critics and viewers all over the world had a lot of questions for the director after the release of his previous film - the biblical epic “Noah”. But this time, judging by the reviews from abroad, the director regained the affection of the film community. No joke - on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes 84% of positive reviews. It seems that Aronofsky , having played enough blockbusters, decided to return to the territory of chamber and very personal stories. It was for his successes in this field that he earned himself the status of a master - just remember "The Wrestler" or "Black Swan". Leading roles in the thriller "Mom!"

Dubbed trailer

The painting "Partner" became a real test for USA special effects masters. The fact is that the main character - a boy about four years old - was completely simulated on a computer. And Sergei Garmash himself gave him his voice. The next weekend will show whether the experiment will be successful, but there are some funny moments in the trailer. However, mainly thanks to a child who unexpectedly speaks in the voice of Sergei Leonidovich . As for the rest of the film crew, it was the producers of " Partner " who were behind the creation of such domestic film hits as "The Ghost" and "Attraction".


Claustrophobia is a film in which the characters have to complete a series of tasks to find their way out of a locked room. Given the popularity of such quests today, the appearance of a picture with such a plot was a matter of time. The creators of the tape decided to go further and make the keys to the exit ... the characters themselves. Trailers promise that it will be not only interesting, but also scary. Confused only by the candidacy of the director - Will Wernick is a newcomer to full-length film, and in thrillers and horror films, the atmosphere is traditionally the main role.

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The comedy Brad's Status , written and directed by Mike White, threatens to be a very curious reflection on sensitive psychological issues like midlife crisis, setting priorities in life and trying to find your place. Ben Stiller, who plays the main role in this project, firstly, himself spoke out on similar topics, having released an incredible dramedy "The Life of Walter Mitty" in all respects. And secondly, the actor is already in the status when you can act very selectively. And the second part of The Exemplary Male is the very exception that proves the rule.

Brad's Status
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The homeland of Godard and Truffaut this time is represented by dramedies Madame . The leading roles are played by the great, honored and popular Harvey Keitel, Toni Collette and Rossi De Palma. The film tells the story of how common superstition can lead to unexpected romance. It would seem that everything is simple, but the trailers promise a considerable amount of stones in the garden of social inequality. Last week, Swede Ruben Estlund, with his satire "Square", already spoke on this topic. Now it's up to screenwriter and director Amanda Steers.

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The Italians this week present the comedy The Minister , a guide film for entrepreneurs on the verge of bankruptcy who have friends in the ministry. True, this manual is the opposite. Judging by the promo materials, you need to carefully look at this picture, remember everything that the main characters do to solve their problems, in no case repeating the actions of the characters. By the way, he wrote and directed The Minister Giorgio Amato, who used to specialize in mysticism. It is curious what will happen after the change of career guidance.

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