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”Hope is a weapon.” Dunkirk Trailer

Image Apparently, in the career of every experienced director there comes a moment when he turns to the genre of historical drama. So the science fiction writer Christopher Nolan , adored by millions of fans, decided to supplement his filmography with this element of a must-see film program. One of the most profitable directors of the recently struggling studio Warner Bros. will tell the audience a story from the Second World War.

The plot of the painting " Dunkirk " will unfold in 1940 in the port city of the same name in France. In the center of the story, recreated from real events, will be the allied troops, who were in an extremely dangerous situation - the enemy who had caught them in a trap pushed the soldiers back to the sea and blocked all the indentations from the beach. Then the British Admiralty quickly developed a plan that saved the lives of more than 300,000 soldiers who were already hanging by a thread.

This is not to say that the first trailer for the tape presented by the studio is very impressive. Of course, the keen cinematographer's eye was not hidden by the amazing cinematography of Hoyte Van Hoytema, again collaborating with Nolan , and the dynamic editing by permanent collaborator Lee Smith. As for the rest, " Dunkirk " still looks like a high-quality, but not promising excursion into the most cinematic period of world history.


And yet we dare to remind you that the trailer for the previous project of Christopher , "Interstellar", was also not amazing. This is generally a common place for the British - not to reveal all the cards until the release of the film. That, nevertheless, does not prevent his projects from being included in various lists of the best film events of the year.

The promo for " Dunkirk " intrigued not only Nolan fans, but also admirers of the talent of its regular cast. The trailer featured the old friends of Chris - Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, as well as Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, who are working with him for the first time. However, many are more interested in how the young and not yet familiar actors Aneirin Barnard, Jack Lowden, Kevin Guthrie and music lover's favorite Harry Styles will show themselves. For a member of the popular group One Direction , participation in " Dunkirk " will be an on-screen debut.

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How a musician will prove himself in a new field, we will find out July 20 next year , when the next long-awaited brainchild of the never disappointed Christopher Nolan will open in cinemas of our country.

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