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A corpse is known in trouble. Pen Trailer

Image The project of the director's duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert The Swiss Knife Man has attracted the most attention at the last festival of independent films " Sundance " ". And the point was not even that the main roles in the dramedy were performed by the young favorites of the public, Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. The reason for the stormy reaction of critics and viewers was the extremely unusual approach of the writers and directors to the topic of death.

The plot revolves around Hank ( Given ), who has lost all hope of salvation and decides to commit suicide. Bad thoughts disappear from the poor fellow's head as soon as he finds a dead man on the shore ( Radcliffe ). Who would have thought that cadaveric gases are an irreplaceable aid to survival in the wild. The new Robinson discovers in the deceased Manny incredible versatility - with his help he can chop wood, and fish, and even get water. In addition, the corpse, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, does not allow Hank to go crazy with loneliness and makes him rethink his own life.


From one synopsis and the trailer, it becomes clear that moviegoers will have a surreal adventure in the best traditions of Terry Gilliam's films, during which all established taboos will be destroyed. Not every viewer will like such a sight - even more progressive and free-thinking Americans, the picture caused mixed feelings. However, those who gave her a chance saw depth and sincerity in this at first glance trashy plot.

Although Kwan and Scheinert were original in their revision of the eternal themes of loneliness, fate and the relationship of a person with others, they turned out not to be black, but a very touching, funny and philosophical work. By the way, the professional community presented the directors of “ Swiss Knife Man ” with the festival award for the best director of an American drama film.

The Swiss Knife Man
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The Island Survival Guide, when you only have a corpse at hand, kicks off in USA cinemas on June 30 .

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