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History Channel will tell about the lives of American presidents

Image The American television network History began creating its own feature series only four years ago, but has already achieved significant success in this field. At first, the drama “Vikings” won the love of viewers and critics, and at the beginning of this year the action “The Sixth Squad” was successfully launched on the air of the historical channel.

According to TV Line , History has taken on yet another intriguing multi-part drama. The project, tentatively titled The Commanders , will be a television anthology, each season of which will be dedicated to an important event in the life of one of the US presidents. Reportedly, the network has acquired the rights to a number of famous biographical books about top officials of the state and has already launched five chapters of the anthology at once, the main characters of which will be Ronald Reagan , Bill Clinton , Theodore Roosevelt , Thomas Jefferson and James Madison .

One of the seasons of " Commanders-in-Chief " will be devoted to the love affair of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, which almost led to the impeachment of the 42nd US President. The scriptwriter for this chapter of the historical saga will be Emmy award winner R.J. Cutler ("The September issue"). Curiously, a high-profile sex scandal involving Clinton may also form the basis of the plot of the fourth season of American Crime Story.


Matthew Sand (Deep Sea Horizon), Cyrus Nauraste (Hawaii Police), Leslie Greif (Texas Uprising) and Stephen J. Rivell also have written and produced on the ambitious History project. The latter was once nominated for the " Oscar " for his work on the script for the biographical drama "Nixon", and is now preparing to tell the audience the story of the confrontation between Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates.

Equally interesting is the season about the Anglo-American War of 1812, the text of which will be written by the screenwriter " Vikings ", "The Tudors" and "Camelot" Michael Hirst.


The production of the series is entrusted to A + E Studios , which has already partnered with the History channel on the first season of " The Sixth Division " and such famous mini TV shows like Houdini and Rise of Texas.

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Author: Jake Pinkman