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US Boxing Office: Strange and Trolls Unbeatable

Image At the end of the weekend ( November 11-13 ), the top three winners of the previous week remained in the top 5 of the North American box office, but with minor changes - the company of the magician Strange , trolls and soldiers Gibson was diluted by two rental newcomers. Overall, the results of the twelve best films improved by 56% compared to the same period last year.

Leadership of " Doctor Strange " proved to be unshakable - thanks to earned $ 43 million , the blockbuster Scott Derrickson retained its first place. After 10 days at the box office, the film already boasts the amount of $ 153 million , and if you add to them the $ 339.6 million donated to Doctor Strange by viewers from other countries , then the result of the painting in the world has even approached the mark of $ 500 million .

It is noteworthy that the audience of the tape decreased by 49% over the week, and this figure is the best among the last ten released movie comics Marvel . There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this - Doctor Strange won over audiences and critics with its non-trivial approach to superheroics. Reviewers almost unanimously insist that the film Derrickson is another triumph of Marvel with a beautiful idea and brilliant execution.


Thanks to Doctor Strange , Disney continues to break its own records - this year, the major has already earned $ 2.3 billion at home, and further success this blockbuster and future releases will further strengthen the position of House of Mouse .

The creation of DreamWorks Animation remained unchanged - the animation tape " Trolls " retained its second position in the top 5, adding $ 35.1 million to the piggy bank. The cartoon lost only 25% of the audience, and its total result in two weeks ( $ 94 million ) is already more than the achievements of "Storks" and is close to the amount earned by Angry Birds in home theaters for the entire time of distribution.


At the same time, reviewers can argue with cinema-goers, because the cartoon seemed not very successful to professional critics. According to them, a bright picture and uncomplicated songs are all that "Trolls" can offer the viewer, and it takes a lot of effort to find meaning in the film.


The newcomer of the week, the sci-fi drama " Arrival ", which started from the mark of $ 24 million , managed to climb to the third place of the top-5. In general, the painting Denis Villeneuve met the expectations of the distributors, but viewers still gave it an average rating of B . The film is projected to finish home distribution at $ 80-85 million , but could earn more if it doesn't lose audiences over the coming weekend.

Critics were delighted with the Arrival , calling the tape the perfect example of thoughtful science fiction. Villeneuve created a whole puzzle, in which there was a place not only for alien contacts, but also for simple human emotions.


Another box office debut, the comedy Mayers Christmas , grossed $ 15.6 million in its first week - an excellent result for a movie with a budget of $ 17 million ... Moviegoers rated David E. Talbert at A- , while reviewers were more restrained in their judgments. In their opinion, the tape is a pretty cute Christmas comedy, but Talbert went the beaten path and chose a standard formula, not allowing the talented cast to fully reveal themselves.


The top five is closed by the war drama " For reasons of conscience ", which brought in another $ 10.8 million . The film, which critics have called the return of Gibson -director, has already grossed $ 32.3 million , and interest in it from viewers over the past week has hardly faded.

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Author: Jake Pinkman