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Neil Gaiman will look into a parallel reality

Image The world of television has always been eagerly interested in stories of alternate universes and time travel. As reported by Deadline , the Flash company ( The Flash ), Radio Wave ( Frequency ), The Man in the High Castle ( The Man In The High Castle ) and many other modern serials on this topic may soon be a television adaptation of the tape " Parallels ".

At one time, the project was developed as a pilot episode of the series, but in the end, 20th Century Fox decided to create a full-fledged film based on the footage. Last spring, the sci-fi action game by Christopher Leone found shelter in the online service Netflix , where he managed to achieve good results in terms of viewer interest.

The success of the film did not go unnoticed by the leadership of the television department of the studio Fox , which intends to give the brainchild of Leone another chance to conquer small screens. Albert Kim ( Sleepy Hollow ) will help write the script for the new version of the pilot episode Christopher .


In the center of the plot of the show will be a mysterious skyscraper, which is a portal between parallel realities. It is expected that in the first episode, the main characters will have a journey to the world in which the Soviet Union managed to drop a nuclear bomb on the United States ...

If Fox decides to order the entire first season of the series, Albert Kim will be the showrunner. The studio clearly has high hopes for the project, as the famous British science fiction writer Neil Gaiman will be involved in its production.


Currently, Gaiman is also actively involved in television adaptations of his novels Intermere , Good Omens and American Gods.

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Author: Jake Pinkman