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Schwarzenegger will remember his athletic youth

Image Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to return to his younger years - together with screenwriter Michael Conives, the actor signed an agreement with CBS Television Studios and begins work on a television drama called Pump.

The project will be based on the experience of Schwarzenegger himself, whom fate brought to the Gold's Gym club in his youth. The action star and former California governor spent years training in the gym with like-minded people, and such hard work not only earned him sports titles, but eventually allowed him to become a star on both large and small screens.

At the center of the show will be a group of bodybuilders who fostered the birth of the fitness industry and the cult of a beautiful, healthy body. The series will have eight episodes. In 2013, the idea was sold to Showtime , and then to Hulu , but none of the TV networks brought the project to its logical conclusion.


“The 70s are a bright and full of changes not only for me, but for the whole country,- noted Arnold . -I intend to fill the houses of our viewers with colors, telling them a multifaceted story about fantastic people ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman