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USAn Box Office: Panfilov's team fought Hollywood

Image More interesting than ever were the results of the USA box office this week. The twenty most profitable releases practically managed to repeat the result of the previous one and, having lost a little, collected 738 million rubles . However, if you look at the list of premieres whose success over the weekend was directly linked to the bottom line, we can say that this is a completely insignificant drop.

The first place was able to secure itself the previous triumphant, fantasy " Fantastic creatures and where they live ". All sorts of praises to the soulfully filmed tape of David Yates according to the script of J.K. We expressed Rowling in the review, and therefore we will not repeat ourselves in this section. Now it is much more interesting that, having lost a moderate 54% of the opening profit, the picture took another 305 million rubles in the second weekend. It should be noted that such box office hits as "The Secret Life of Pets" and "Zootopia" spent their second weekend on 319 million rubles and 324 million rubles respectively. So the amazing creatures from Newt Scamander's suitcase got into good company.


In total, by this time they have managed to get 1.120 billion rubles. , which is already more than the final collection of the last most successful, final, part of the Potter ( 1.067 billion rubles ). Now analysts claim that no one doubted the viability of the spin-off, but experts could hardly have predicted such an ardent support for " Fantastic Beasts " by fans of the series and other film fans. The subtle connection to the world of Harry Potter and completely new characters in an unfamiliar setting might not have received such a warm welcome. However, correctly placed accents, a fascinating story and, most importantly, a sense of magic familiar to many from childhood did their job.

And yet this week will clearly go down in the history of USA distribution thanks to another event. Officially, since last Thursday, and in fact since November 19, the attention of the entire film community has been riveted on a modest by the standards of the Cinema Fund , but an ambitious and very worthy newcomer - the military drama “ 28 Panfilov's men ”. Partly filmed with folk funds and having gone through all the circles of the production hell, the picture has become exactly that deep and respectful message of our time, which has not been seen on domestic screens for a long time.

ImageViewers who, contrary to prejudices regarding our film industry, went to film sessions , was struck by the lack of cheap pathos, simplicity and at the same time the importance of this story. They left at the box office of cinemas 162 , and taking into account the show in the preview - 180.5 million rubles .

Surprisingly, the tape, which received a much less aggressive promotional campaign than many mainstream comedies, left behind the more expensive premieres of this year - "Duelist" ( 156 million rubles. ) and "Icebreaker" ( 129 million rubles. ). True, the film Kim Druzhinin and Andrei Shaliopa still could not bypass the similar genre "Stalingrad" ( 525 million rubles ), "Admiral" ( 285 million rubles. ) and "Battle for Sevastopol" ( 209 million rubles. ). However, it doesn't matter, because the real victory lies in the fact that the project, whose creators did not even have any guarantees that it would reach the screens, not only did it, but also seriously competed with the representatives of Hollywood.

We are talking, of course, about the next chapter of the " Underworld " franchise with the adored audience Kate Beckinsale in the title role. The charming vampire warrior Selena could not surpass the Soviet soldiers, and thus the film Anna Foerster with 126 million rubles was only on the third line ... He did not show positive dynamics even within his own series, having lost 32% of the debut fees of the previous tape - "Underworld: Awakening". And in comparison with the rest of the sequels of 2016 " Blood Wars " look faded - even the continuation of "Snow White and the Huntsman", scolded by critics, somehow managed to get 131 million rubles. in the CIS. Well, such indicators as those of “ Another World ” only indicate that
The cartoon " Trolls ", which has been gradually earning money for the fifth week already, demonstrates amazing vitality in the rating of top releases. Another seven days brought this seemingly designed for a rather narrow audience to the project 25.5 million rubles . In total, the assets of the animated comedy Walt Dorn and Mike Mitchell - 802 million rubles . In terms of financial indicators, now the contender for the future " Oscar " is second only to " Zootopia " ( 2.2 billion rubles. ) and " Home animals ”( 2.1 billion rubles ).


However, do not forget that today another Disney film, Moana, has already been brought to the country's cinemas, which is still a dark horse. The exotic cartoon based on the traditions of the Polynesian people is praised by critics in different ways, so it may be able to change the balance of power, including in the rating of the most profitable films of the year.

Finally, another veteran of the box office concludes our review - the movie comics " Doctor Strange ", which, thanks to additional 22 million rubles from USA fans of superheroics, brought its total gross to almost one and a half billion ... However, the blockbuster Scott Derrickson is almost certainly in the top 5 for the last time, since December brought with it very strong competitors, including, besides the aforementioned " Moana " the first Star Wars spin-off and the intriguing thriller Under Cover of Night.

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Author: Jake Pinkman