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Deadpool Director Prepares New Mutant Solo Album

Image After the Disney studio decided to buy out the main assets of the Fox corporation, many questions arose among film fans about how the further development of the X-Men universe would take place. The leadership of the Walt Disney empire could give 20th Century Fox considerable autonomy, or it could transfer the entire army of mutants into the hands of the head of Marvel Kevin Feige.

It is expected that the Fox family film companies will join the Disney corporation only in a year and a half, and therefore 20th Century Fox hopes to have time to implement several of its long-standing projects. Recently it became known that the studio still intends to shoot solo albums of Gambit and Multiplier, and now the Collider publication has shared information about another interesting film about mutants.

20th Century Fox bosses are reportedly preparing a picture of Kitty Pride's adventures. The debut of this heroine on the pages of graphic novels Marvel took place in 1980. Thirty-one years later, she was ranked 47th on IGN's list of Greatest Comic Characters in History.


Pride's main superpower is the ability to pass through various objects and objects. Kitty has already featured in the MCU X-Men. If in the first two parts of the franchise she was limited to only modest cameos, then in "The Last Battle" her role in the plot was finally increased. Ellen Page portrayed Pride in the 2006 film comics. Eight years later, the actress had the chance to play Kitty again in the blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past.


At the helm of the as-yet unnamed solo album, Pride is Tim Miller, who is well acquainted with the superhero genre thanks to his work on Deadpool. Insiders find it difficult to say whether Paige will receive an invitation to return to the Pride image, and whether the film comic strip will be agreed with the management of the Disney studio. It is possible that 20th Century Fox will try to force the work on the film to release it before the final transition under the wing of the Disney empire.


Following the success of Deadpool, Miller became one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. Earlier it became known that the studio Paramount entrusted him with work on the next reboot of "Terminator".

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