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Guardians of the Galaxy conquered the US box office

Image For several years in a row, the season of blockbusters in the North American box office has opened on a grand scale with yet another comic strip Marvel - all the honors last weekend ( May 5-7 ) went to the film Guardians of the Galaxy ... Part 2 ".

The sequel was faced with a difficult task - at least to keep the bar set by the first part. In 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy surprisingly earned nearly $ 100 million on their debut weekend. The continuation managed not only not to fall face down in the dirt, but also to improve the achievements of the predecessor by more than 50%.

In general, the Marvel cinematic universe knows few examples when the sequel turned out to be better than the first film. However, the blockbuster James Gunn succeeded - the second Guardians of the Galaxy at the start mastered $ 145 million . Taking into account revenues outside the United States, the tape after 13 days in the world box office already has $ 427.6 million . According to the information from the studio Disney , the collection of the universe at the moment has already exceeded $ 11 billion .

Experts predict that as a result, the second film will collect in home theaters more than $ 400 million , which will be helped by positive reviews from critics and viewers. So, the audience highly appreciated the blockbuster Gann - on the site CinemaScore it received a rating A , which, however, is quite typical for all pictures from comics Marvel .


Critics continue to praise the film, too. Gann and his team managed not only to preserve the atmosphere of the first part, which the audience liked so much, but also to make the tape more emotional and to fully reveal the images of the central characters. Reviewers call the second Guardians of the Galaxy an extravagant and witty sequel to Star-Lord 's adventures, filmed with the same virtuosity as the original.

Well, something, but James Gunn knows how to entertain the viewer, because the news of his return as a screenwriter and director of the third "Guardians of the Galaxy" could not fail to please fans of superheroics. Of course, now Gunn does not want to talk about what the trick will be about, but he already has ideas.


The leader of the previous three weeks " Fast and Furious 8 " has dropped to second place. Film F. Gary Gray added another $ 8.5 million to his piggy bank, and now his home gross is $ 207.1 million . From the very beginning, it was clear that the Americans were already fed up with races and the problems of the family of Dominic Toretto , but viewers from other countries are helping the blockbuster to beat off the costs of its production with hard cash. Gathering in the United States does not seem so significant considering that the rest of the world earned an eighth of $ 951.2 million .


While the Latin lover went to rest at the end of the top-5, " The Boss-sucker " returns his position. The animation film, which has been conquering rental for the sixth week, has mastered another $ 6.2 million . In total, American viewers have generous themselves with $ 156.7 million to see how a kid in a business suit leads others. In gratitude, he received an impressive sum of fees - $ 434.9 million at the worldwide box office.


The comedy " How to Be a Latin Lover " has seriously failed in comparison with last weekend - the audience of the film has decreased by 57%, which resulted in a disappointing $ 5.3 million and the penultimate place in the top five. So far, Ken Marino has grossed only $ 20.7 million at the US box office. Perhaps the reason for this is the repulsive main character performed by Eugenio Derbes, the weak plot or bad humor. Many critics agreed that the film had a very promising start, but its potential was never realized.


It seemed that after two months at the box office the musical " Beauty and the Beast " had left the top five forever, but the tale proves the opposite - this week it raised another $ 4.9 million and managed close the top five. An impressive $ 487.6 million at home and an equally impressive $ 1.19 billion worldwide show that Disney has a long history time will enjoy unprecedented popularity among the audience.

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Author: Jake Pinkman