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Fly like a butterfly, sorry like a bee

Image The British company Goalpost Film decided to remind viewers that behind the success of every successful boxer there is always a team of talented coaches and experienced sparring partners. Varity reports that the London studio intends to join forces with American producer Evan Bochetto to work on a film about the younger brother of the legendary Muhammad Ali .

Rudolph Arnett Clay was born on July 18, 1943. When the boy was ten years old, his brother Cassius began to take an active interest in sports. The guys decided to enroll in one of the boxing sections in their native Louisville. It soon became apparent that a great future awaited brother Rudolf . Although Rudy has always been in the shadow of Cassius 's fame, he not only did not envy his success, but also tried to support his brother in all his endeavors. In the 60s, they joined the organization " Nation of Islam " and decided to take new names for themselves: Rudolph became Rahman Ali , and Cassius - Muhammad Ali . Rahman

Rahman's own boxing career was not very successful. He made his professional debut on February 25, 1964. Curiously, it was on this day that his brother won his first world boxing title. Over the next eight years, Rahman won fourteen fights and suffered only one defeat. The turning point in his sports career came in 1972, when, after losing two fights in a row, he decided to hang his boxing gloves on a nail.


Evan Bochetto is well acquainted with the life story of the brothers Ali . He is currently the Creative Director of Muhammad House Museum in Louisville. Two years ago, Evan directed and produced the short documentary Cassius Ali, which chronicles the youth of one of the greatest boxers of the 20th century.

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