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Casting: Turner to the jungle, Ventimiglia to J. Lo

Image When actress Sophie Turner takes a break from the images of Sansa Stark and Jean Gray, she takes part in the filming of smaller-scale projects. According to the website Deadline, Turner has agreed to star in Girl Who Fell From The Sky ("The Girl Who Fell From The Sky" *). Moreover, Sophie will also be engaged in producing the tape.

Director and screenwriter Stanley Brooks (School Project) adapted Juliana Kepke's book, which tells the story of the terrible tragedy that befell 17-year-old Kepke. The schoolgirl was a passenger on a plane en route from Lima to Iquitos. As a result of a lightning strike, the aircraft crashed over the Peruvian rainforest. Juliana was thrown out of the car and flew about three thousand meters before reaching the ground. The girl woke up the day after the disaster, still covered by the chair she was sitting on. For more than a week, Juliana wandered through the jungle in search of help until she reached civilization. The cap was the only one who survived the crash ...

Turner's future films include the thriller Huntsville and the blockbuster Dark Phoenix. In addition, Sophie is planning to go to the set of the anthology "Berlin, I Love You.


The sexiest father on modern television is Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend. Sources say that Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us) has a role in the comedy Second Act *. The STX film tells the story of a hypermarket employee (Lopez) who has a chance to prove to the entire Madison Avenue that knowing the laws of the street is sometimes more useful than a college degree. The boyfriend of the main character will be played by Ventimiglia.

The film also includes Lea Remini and Vanessa Ann Hudgens, and Peter Segal (50 First Kisses) will be in charge. He has to implement the script of Justin Zackam ("I haven't played in the box yet") and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas ("Mona Lisa Smile"). It is noteworthy that the project was created from the very beginning under Jennifer Lopez.


With the wave of sexual harassment allegations sweeping across Hollywood and the ongoing battle of the sexes, June Pictures is just in time to begin work on the biopic of Gloria Stein, one of the key figures in the feminist movement. Julianne Moore (This Stupid Love) won the lead role in the biographical drama My Life On The Road.

The director's chair for the project was given to Julie Taymor ("Frida"), the script of the tape is written by playwright Sarah Ruhl, based on Steinem's memoirs. The biopic will focus on Gloria's young years, when she traveled a lot, and how from an ordinary representative of the women's movement she eventually turned into a symbol of equality between men and women.

* - preliminary translation.

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