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Showtime chronicles the King's Assassin

Image Two years ago it was reported that the fantasy cycle "The Chronicle of the King's Assassin" will be adapted for large and small screens. Since then, there has been no news about the film version from the Lionsgate studio, but the series based on the novels by Patrick Rothfuss fell into the hands of Oscar-nominated Lin-Manuel Miranda. Now the Variety portal reports that Showtime will be involved in the work on the television show.

So far, only two books from the planned trilogy have been published, and they are about the life of Kvouth - an adventurer, magician and musician. At the same time, the TV adaptation is a kind of prequel, since its action will unfold even before the events of the first novel.

The series will take viewers into the universe from the Rotfuss cycle. The central characters of the show will be two itinerant actors who travel the unique world of Temerant, inviting the audience to visit places where unusual heroes and dark forces live.


Veteran of the TV industry John Rogers is producing the project with Miranda. He was also appointed the scriptwriter of the future series. Rogers' track record includes the crime dramas Impact and The Gambler, as well as the fantasy adventure Librarians.

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Author: Jake Pinkman