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Hanks on the Hudson, Fassbender on the Ocean: watch this week

Image The upcoming rental week promises to be a real feast of the spirit for moviegoers: the long-awaited biographical drama Miracle on the Hudson with Tom Hanks, the adaptation of Light in the Ocean with Michael Fassbender, the ambitious Ben-Hur Timur Bekmambetov and the acclaimed animated comedy The Complete Raskolbas .

Miracle on the Hudson , directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the true story of the rescue of passengers on Flight 1549 by Chesley Sullenberger . On January 15, 2009, he brilliantly made an A320 emergency landing on the waters of the Hudson River in New York. None of the 155 people on board were injured, and the captain himself became a national hero.

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Eastwood has proven to the public more than once that he knows how to make quality films: he has five Oscars , two of which he received in the nomination "Best Director" (for "Unforgiven "And" Million Dollar Baby "). As for Hanks , his name alone can make the box office of any film, especially when it comes to a real hero rescuing real people in the real world. And the first reviews of the painting Clint Eastwood are completely positive.

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A completely different kind of drama awaits fans of Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Light in the Ocean is an adaptation of the bestseller of the same name by M.L. Steadman. The plot of the picture revolves around the lighthouse keeper and his beloved. Fate gave them a surprise in the form of a pretty little girl, and the couple decided to keep her for themselves. However, a few years later, the child's real mother appeared on the horizon, and everything in the life of the main characters turned upside down. Derek Sienfrance's film boasts impressive landscapes, matched by handsome actors (in love with each other and in real life), virtuoso camera work and heightened emotionality. According to some journalists, even excessive, but who will be confused if the beautiful Fassbender and Vikander<

Ben Hur
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The epic "Ben-Hur" will certainly find its viewer, albeit filmed by Bekmambetov , but with the participation of a whole company of famous foreign actors, including Morgan Freeman. Despite the fact that the Americans were not particularly impressed by this peplum, and the criticism completely blew the picture to smithereens, Timur Nuruakhitovich continues to actively advertise his creation, hoping, obviously, to profit from those viewers who never haven't watched the original 1959. In a recent interview, he admitted that he just wants to make a vivid, spectacular movie that helps people"see the world differently".

Full Rumble
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But who definitely sees everything differently, so these are the creators of the cartoon "Full Raskolbas" . According to the plot of the project, which received an "adult" rating R , ordinary supermarket products dream of being chosen and getting from the shelves into the magical world of shoppers. However, few of the buns and tomatoes suspect that real torture, dismemberment and, ultimately, a painful death await them outside the store door. The idea to look at the world through the eyes of sausages came to the head of the famous duo of Hollywood scriptwriters Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, and it was embodied by directors Konrad Vernon ("Shrek 2") and Greg Tiernan. And it seems that this cheeky team has turned out to be the most delusional cartoon released under the auspices of a large studio in the last ten years or even in the entire history of animation.

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Another interesting novelty of the coming week is the sci-fi thriller Morgan , directed by Luke Scott, son of the veteran cy-fi veteran Ridley Scott. A chamber story about how a human individual grown from synthetic DNA can surpass the wildest expectations of its scientists-creators, although it does not shine with the originality of the plot, it still demonstrates the potential of cinema for a solid four. Thanks to a successful cast and decent action scenes, this thriller is able to brighten up the evening for those who miss the stories in the spirit of the projects "From the car" and "Chimera".

GOD'S Daughter
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And for those who miss Keanu Reeves, our distributors have prepared a crime drama with elements of mysticism "Daughter of God" . The film tells the story of a detective investigating an extremely strange murder of his partner. The protagonist is sure that a mysterious girl named Isabelle (Ana de Armas) knows more than she wants to tell. The search for truth will lead both of them to the darkest side of human existence. Judging by the first reviews, director Guy Malik Linton decided to use the formula for the success of operational cinema of the 70s, but at the same time did not take into account the tastes of the modern viewer, who should present a coherent plot and an appropriate combination of attributes of different genres.


USA cinema September 8 will be presented with a new work by Nikolai Dostal "The Monk and the Devil" . In this fantastic comedy, Timofey Tribuntsev played the monk Ivan , together with whom an unknown force appeared in the monastery, forcing the wells to miraculously cleanse themselves of filth, and the rafts - to float along the river against the current. According to Dostal , this is not a festival movie, but intended for a simple domestic viewer tired of heroic motives and purely entertaining films.

ImageArthouse lovers can be advised the drama The Childhood of a Leader from debut director Brady Corbet. The film about how little boys turn into real fascists, last year won two awards at the Venice festival and earned a lot of rave reviews from critics of reputable movie sites.

Also next week in our box office will open a documentary "Prokofiev: On the Road" about the life and work of the great USA composer and the Japanese cartoon "Gamba in 3D" about the incredible adventures of the brave mouse.

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