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Warrior Cats Rush to the Big Screen

Image The Chinese company Alibaba Pictures Group is ready to make a new attempt to conquer Hollywood. In the two years since its founding, the Beijing studio has not only helped finance blockbusters such as Mission Impossible: Outcast Tribe and Star Trek: Infinity, but also began producing its own content. In the past few months alone, Alibaba Pictures has announced the start of collaboration with Hollywood filmmakers on a war drama about the pilots of the Flying Tigers Air Group and a film adaptation of the game The Legend of the Ancient Sword.

According to Variety , the film adaptation of the book series " Warrior Cats " will be added to the collection of ambitious projects of one of the leaders of the Chinese film industry. The popular fantasy cycle under the pseudonym Erin Hunter was created by four writers at once - Keith Carey , Cherit Baldry , Victoria Holmes and Ty Sutherland . The franchise was launched in 2003 by the novel “ Go Wild ”. Since then, the authors began to publish several books a year, and at the moment the main cycle has already 36 works. Over the years, Warrior Cats has also received several spin-offs and an English-language manga.

The first novel of the cycle tells about the adventures of a domestic cat named Ginger . The protagonist of the story fled from his masters and found himself in a forest inhabited by several clans of his wild relatives. Redhead gets a chance to join ThunderClan, but first he has to prove himself worthy of the honor of becoming a warrior ...


The film's partner Alibaba Pictures will be the renowned producer David Hayman , who knows firsthand the film adaptations of fairy tales: the Briton's track record includes the film series "Harry Potter", "Adventures Paddington "and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

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