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Nostalgia in 3D and Wright on the Drive: Watch This Week

Image As many as seven films start at the box office this week, the most intriguing of which will be a film shot 26 years ago. It seems that iron Arnie fulfilled his canonical promise -"I'll be back"- and returned. But in addition to nostalgia in 3D, there will be something to watch in the cinema. Announce the entire list? Please.

Terminator 2: Doomsday was released in 1991 and revolutionized the field of special effects. James Cameron needed graphics on a level that hadn't been seen in movies before. But even that version turned out to be imperfect for a perfectionist filmmaker - he also conceived a story about a cyborg from the future in 3D. So in between the scripts for the new "Avatars" the director began to give the classic a three-dimensional picture. Moreover, he also spent colossal work on improving the quality of the image itself, thoroughly modernizing it. Domestic localizers also made their contribution: all the inscriptions and credits in the film are voiced by the legend of the VHS era - Andrey Gavrilov .

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Tulip Fever tells a love story that happened four hundred years ago. And, perhaps, the surroundings of 17th century Holland are the main reason to see the picture. Although the cast inspires confidence too. The main roles in the film were played by the young and fashionable Dane DeHaan, who at the beginning of this month saved the city of a thousand planets from destruction, and Alicia Vikander, who successfully combines shooting in festival films (Out of the Car) and blockbusters (Jason Bourne). And for the role of a rich and evil merchant, director Justin Chadwick invited the wonderful Christoph Waltz, who, with the light hand of Quentin Tarantino, became one of the most employed antagonists of Hollywood cinema (Water for Elephants!, The Green Hornet, 007: Specter).

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Briton Edgar Wright is still a movie hooligan, but every time his mischief turns out to be almost a masterpiece ("Armageddian", "Zombie named Sean"). In the film "Baby on a Drive" , the director tells a simple story of a young gifted driver who is connected with criminal structures. But he tells the way only he can tell. Abroad, the tape has already been appreciated by both critics (on the aggregator portal Rotten Tomatoes it has 94% of positive reviews) and viewers (fees in America alone have already exceeded the production budget three times). Many agree that Baby Drive is Wright's Best Film . But three years ago this director was removed from the production of "Ant-Man" for too independent vision! "Baby on a Drive" Wright showed that he is doing well without Marvel . You can read our review of the film here.

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Horror thriller "It Comes at Night" refers to the time when the Earth will be hit by a terrible virus that turns people into monsters. The main character tries to hide his family in the wilderness, but one day strangers show up there too. In addition to the good reviews from foreign critics, there is another reason to familiarize yourself with the tape - Joel Edgerton in the title role. First, he has already earned the status of a good dramatic actor ("Warrior", "Black Mass"). And secondly, Edgerton himself has experience in staging films of the appropriate direction. His non-standard dramatic thriller "The Gift" was treated kindly by critics all over the world and grossed an amount 12 (!) Times higher than production costs at the box office.

The first "Real Squirrel", which came out four years ago, to put it mildly, there were not enough stars from the sky, but at the same time it recaptured the budget, and even allowed the creators to earn money. Judging by the first reviews from abroad, the second part followed in the footsteps of the original. Although one can recall an incredible number of examples when the opinions of professional critics did not coincide with the preferences of an ordinary viewer. It is possible that the story of how the squirrel companions confront the mayor of the city will resonate in the hearts and wallets of the audience.

Image "Mr. Stein goes online" - a new French dramedy about the Internet, in which the main role was played by a veteran of the workshop Pierre Richard. Once the main character, a man of considerable age, registers on a dating site, and then everything follows the canons of classic French comedy. Trailers set in a positive mood, and Monsieur Richard in recent years rarely pleases the moviegoer with acting work, especially in the lead role. The film was written and directed by Stefan Robeli, who several years ago released a sweet and warm picture about old people who cheated so as not to get into a nursing home - “Let's all live together?”.

Italy this week presents another variation on the theme of "swapped bodies." Apparently, hits such as "Freaky Friday" and "Chick" will serve as inspiration for filmmakers for a long time to come. However, early reviews for Not Your Body have been overwhelmingly positive. Judging by the trailers, everything is really funny there. Or maybe the viewer just missed the upside-down stories. Even in our country, the third "Love-Carrot" was released back in 2010. It's time to remember what is there and how in such cases.

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