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Robert De Niro will save Kazakhstan

Image Participant Media decided to tell the audience about the consequences of the collapse of the USSR. According to The Tracking Board , the American studio has outstripped its competitors in the fight for the rights to Michael Gunn's script " The Price of Freedom ". The film company Tribeca Films has volunteered to support Participant Media in the work on the political thriller, which plans to endow the production functions of Jane Rosenthal (The Bronx Story) and an Oscar-winning Robert De Niro .

Gann's career is developing at the fastest pace. Last year, he received a lot of compliments for his work on the writing team of the series "The Whispers" ( The Whispers ), and also managed to sell to the studio New Line the script for the film "Virginian" about life President George Washington. The plot " The Prices of Freedom " will also be based on real events.

The film will take place in Kazakhstan shortly after the former Soviet republic declared its independence. An employee of the American embassy discovers that the young state has huge reserves of enriched uranium. The diplomat decides to urgently take out the dangerous substance from Kazakhstan, because one of the terrorist organizations already has its own views on it ...


Representatives of Participant Media and Tribeca Films have not yet announced whether De Niro would like to star in the film. At the moment, the legendary actor is busy on the set of the comedy "War with Grandpa", and at the beginning of next year he will begin work on the crime drama "The Irishman" by Martin Scorsese.

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Author: Jake Pinkman