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Sylvester Stallone: ??old and kind

Image Tell Sylvester Stallone , who is 70 today, to someone in Hell's Kitchen that wants to become an actor, he would be laughed at and then beaten. What did he even think of himself? The son of an Italian emigre and a Jewess, a guy with an immobile face due to a birth injury ... What the hell is an actor? He was more likely to die somewhere in the alley from an overdose than to drive to Los Angeles. And Stallone himself did not really think about the spotlights. The father was constantly not at home, and the parents eventually divorced, and at the school for problem teenagers, they had to constantly prove who was in charge. Somehow 24 years passed by - to no avail.

There was no money at all, there was nowhere to live. One could have stolen something - what a difference, but then a trifling little business turned up. All they offered was to undress and work. 200 bucks in two days, and even feed. They won't be accepted as governor anyway, so what the hell - porn is so porn. Then the young Sylvester starred in some other nonsense. It's not scary that his last name was not mentioned in the credits, but it became clear what's what, friends, necessary acquaintances and new roles have appeared. Not everyone, of course, was good, but very soon Stallone got a normal job and began to appear on posters. However, by that time this was not enough. I had to do something and quickly, because the future star almost hit thirty. It was time to accelerate ...


The young actor wrote the script for "Rocky" in three days. He felt that everything worked out, and he himself wanted to play the main role. But that would be arrogance - who is he to dictate terms? It was only after Stallone took his lyrics to United Artists that he realized he had hit the mark. Young producer Irwin Winkler liked the script, and the latter offered to buy the rights to it. But Sylvester was adamant: either the main role, or no project. In addition, no one would have given enough money to invite a "good" actor, and then still undemanding Stallone agreed to work for a percentage of the rental. How much can this film earn there? Penny same. After a little haggling, Winkler gave up, finally giving the cheeky guy a new name, which will now forever be with him - Slay , which means"cunning". At least that's what the legend says. Go prove it now.

ImageIt was that very moment: you just stood in front of the mirror and represented as you walk the red carpet in the shimmer of all the diamonds of the earth, and now you are already here. The producers spent a little over a million on the film, and earned $ 225 million , paid mere pennies for the music, and it became a classic. Damn it, they won an Oscar for Best Picture, and director John J. Avildsen won his for directing. Everything worked out.

What's next? Everything was so good that it was impossible to stop. Rocky became the goose that lays the golden eggs, despite the fact that with each new part it got worse and worse. Then Slay was asked to play a Vietnam War veteran in Rambo: First Blood, so to speak, to play with muscles. True, here the actor almost betrayed himself - he did not like the original version of the film so much that he wanted to buy out the rights to it himself and burn the film. It's good that we managed to negotiate with the studio bosses. True, for this it was necessary to cut the timing of the picture in half, so that the face of the performer of the title role appeared in the frame as little as possible. How did he know that “ Rambo ” would make him a cult in itself?


Then something went wrong. Sly divorced his wife, and then the Danish Bridget Nielsen appeared, who almost sucked all the juices out of him. The devil pulled the same devil to sign a prenuptial agreement, according to which each night with her cost 10 thousand dollars. It was also lucky that 2 years and 16 million dollars later he changed his mind, but by that time he had already managed to ruin his reputation as the fourth "Rocky". The shelves began to burst with " Golden Raspberries ". The organizers of the anti-award generally called Stallone the worst actor of the twentieth century, but now it already seems to be some kind of zilch. He was never a dramatic actor, although he tried, and did not even think that he would become. He simply blinded himself out of what was, and turned into such a strong, but at the same time, such a fragile guy, which is impossible not to love and not shoot.<

At some point, it seemed that Sly had become a waste material, one of the symbols of cheap films of the 90s, which you cannot watch without laughing now. After 1997, he took a break for three years, not counting the work in the mind-blowingly disgusting comedy "Burn Hollywood Burn" and the voice acting in the cartoon "Antz Ant". But obviously not for that, he undressed in front of the camera in 70, so that he could leave everything like that. Yes, Rocky Balboa and Rambo have reappeared in his career, as well as sports tapes like Bottom Hole Revenge. In addition, he became an important part (as an actor, screenwriter and director of the original) of a kind of "nursing home", the "Expendables" franchise, where all the good old and forever beloved action heroes gathered on one screen. Just Sly once realized that, even telling the same story several times, you can not fall into insanity and grow old beautifully. For example, with the " Golden Globe " in his hands, the nomination for " Oscar " in his pocket and surrounded by beautiful daughters.

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