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Crazy about you again

Image Over the past few years, many popular TV series have been revived. The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Escape are just a few of them. Some shows were successful, while others could not find their viewer. The reasons for this were different: some projects were simply outdated for modern times, and the creators of the rest, apparently, experienced an acute shortage of fresh ideas. In any case, American producers do not give up trying to get their share of fame at the expense of the series already known to viewers and continue to take risks. This time, the sequel may receive one of the most rated sitcoms of the 90s - "Crazy About You" starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

The original, by Riser and Danny Jacobson, featured a young New York City couple and their friends and family. He aired on NBC from 1992 to 1999 and not only enjoyed success with viewers, but also earned four Golden Globes and numerous Emmy awards. According to the TVLine portal, Sony studio plans to revive the show, but NBC itself, according to preliminary data, is not involved in the work on the new project.

Fans of Crazy About You will appreciate the fact that Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are already in talks to star in a sequel. In the upcoming miniseries, their heroes, Paul and Jamie, will have a rough time when their daughter leaves her parent's nest and goes to college.


It is still difficult to assess the prospects for the future series. The story of "Crazy About You" will perfectly fit into modern realities, but Hunt and Reiser at the moment are far from the first magnitude stars. They rarely appear on screens, although not so long ago Paul was spotted in the second season of Mysterious Events, and Helen has been working a lot on TV for the past couple of years, but mainly as a director.

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