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Batman is waiting for psychos to return visit

Image A week ago, director David Eyre gave fans of the DC Cinematic Universe some interesting information about the role of Batman in the plot of the upcoming blockbuster " Suicide Squad ". Now the portal Batman News shares rumors that representatives of the team of supervillains have a good chance to meet with the Dark Knight again, but this time in his solo album.

According to so far unconfirmed information, the action of the tape about the protector of Gotham will unfold in the psychiatric hospital Arkham . The plot of the film is led by Ben Affleck and DC Comics Creative Director Jeff Jones, who first helped Warner Bros. launch a successful television universe, and then received an invitation to lead the film department of DC Films . According to the writers, the new " Batman " will be an original story, not a literal adaptation of any graphic novel.

Earlier in Hollywood, there was a rumor that Affleck and Jones decided to use a number of famous opponents of the Dark Knight in the plot of the blockbuster. Moving the scene of the movie comic strip to Arkham would have made it easy to realize this idea. A new meeting of Batman with Joker and the company seems quite likely, because in the world of DC the characters of the movie Ayr are frequent guests of the clinic for mentally ill criminals.


The acquaintance of USA viewers with the " Suicide Squad " will take place on August 4 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman