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USA Box Office bewitched by Strange magic

Image Last weekend ( November 4-6 ), three new recruits led by Doctor Strange took the lead in the North American box office. Thanks to the efforts of films from the top 12, financial indicators skyrocketed and amounted to $ 182 million , which is 134% more than the results of the previous week.

True to expectations, Doctor Strange brought Marvel and Disney an impressive $ 85 million launch. According to this indicator, the blockbuster Scott Derrickson is in tenth position among all Marvel movie comics. If the film follows the path of its closest neighbor from this list, Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness, it will gross about $ 205 million at home. As for the world market, here Strange looks like a financial monster at all - in 13 days he accumulated $ 240.4 million .

At the same time, the film Derrickson was successful not only in monetary terms - the rating of A from moviegoers and admiring reviews from reviewers indicate that the picture turned out to be really worthwhile.


According to critics, Doctor Strange is not just another blockbuster, of which there have been enough this year. Derrickson and his team prove that even special effects can be used wisely to develop a plot, not just to make the audience gasp and sigh in surprise. The cast is also perfectly matched - Benedict Cumberbatch is charming as always, Tilda Swinton is convincing, and TV fans had the opportunity to see Sherlock fight Hannibal.


With a significant lag behind the magician Strange , “ Trolls ” finished their debut week - the animation tape grossed $ 45.6 million . The results of the film Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorn are comparable to the achievements of the cartoon "Snoopy and the Big-Bellied Little Thing in the Movies", which started at $ 44.2 million . If the trolls continue in this vein, home rental will provide them with about $ 130 million , and viewers outside the United States will help the revived toys enrich themselves even more. At least in other countries, the film has already earned $ 104 million in three weeks.

However, critics of Trolls liked Doctor Strange much less. Of course, the cartoon pleases with a beautiful visual component, and jokes are intended for viewers of all ages, but it is unlikely that movie fans will remember it for a long time. The directors have turned out to be a cross between Shrek, Happy Feet and The Smurfs, but if you are over eight years old, the characters of the film threaten to seem too flat, and the plot is very predictable.


Finally, the third place in the top-5 went to another debutant of the week - the military drama " For reasons of conscience " by director Mel Gibson . It is noteworthy that the film, like its two closest competitors, received an A rating from viewers, which resulted in the amount of $ 14.8 million . The picture is already called one of the candidates for the "Oscar" , and the flattering reviews from critics only add points to it. Like other tapes of Gibson , For reasons of conscience is permeated with themes of patriotism, faith and courage, and you cannot take your eyes off the battle scenes, they are so good.


The comedy " Halloween Madea " has dropped to the fourth position. The film Tyler Perry added to its piggy bank $ 7.8 million and boasts the amount of $ 65 million . The film performed so well at the box office that Lionsgate studio, without hesitation, launched another part of the franchise.


But " Inferno " is not doing as well as its rivals in the top 5. The second week at the box office brought the next film in the film series about Professor Langdon an additional $ 6.3 million . Now the tape Ron Howard has collected in the US only $ 26.1 million and so far does not even reach those $ 28.6 million that “The Da Vinci Code ”Earned on his first day in cinemas. On the other hand, such a deplorable situation is saved by overseas viewers - they have already replenished the picture's piggy bank for $ 159.3 million , not allowing it to fail financially, because $ 75 million was spent on the shooting of the triquel .

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Author: Jake Pinkman