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Voice of Reason

Image The success of the blockbuster "The Martian" has spawned a new wave of interest in Hollywood in scripts for films about space travelers who find themselves in difficult situations far from Earth. As it became known to The Tracking Board, a young film company Ideogram is preparing another project on this topic.

The main character of the sci-fi thriller "Capsule" will be an astronaut who was not lucky enough to be left all alone on board a spaceship. To brighten up the inevitable death from hunger, the protagonist decides to reprogram the on-board computer and give the artificial intelligence system the voice and appearance of a beautiful girl ...

The plot of the film was invented by young Hollywood author Joe Greenberg, who first loudly made himself known last year when his script for Man Alive was blacklisted for the best unrealized ideas of the Dream Factory. Since then, Fox has acquired the rights to the project, which has appointed the creator of Fargo and Legion, Noah Hawley, as the director of the film.

As for Capsule, Christopher Landon will be staging it. The director hit the crayon for the Ideogram bosses thanks to the overwhelming success of the low-budget horror film Happy Day of Death, which has earned over $ 108 million worldwide.


The production functions will be taken over by the founders of Ideogram, Laurence Gray ("The Stars") and Erik Heisserer ("Arrival").

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