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Silvio Berlusconi will receive a biopic

Image The renowned Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino ("Great Beauty") will tell the audience about the ups and downs in the political and personal life of his famous compatriot Silvio Berlusconi . According to Variety , the biopic of the billionaire, playboy and philanthropist will receive the working title Loro , which is a kind of play on words between “Loro” (they) and "L'oro" (gold).

At the end of this month, Berlusconi will celebrate his 80th birthday. In his student years, Silvio moonlighted as a singer on cruise ships, but in the early 60s he decided to go into the construction business. When the business of an enterprising young man went uphill, he began to expand the boundaries of his activities. Soon, Berlusconi became the owner of several TV channels and supermarket chains, and in the mid-1980s he managed to acquire one of the most famous Italian football clubs - Milan .

In the 90s, Silvio took up his political career. Over the past twenty-two years, he managed to become the chairman of the Italian Council of Ministers four times. Although Berlusconi is active in philanthropy, he has been repeatedly accused of collaborating with the mafia, sexual crimes and tax evasion.


Reportedly, Sorrentino has already begun work on the script for the film. Paolo has experience in creating films about the heads of government of the Italian Republic: in 2008, the drama "Amazing" about the life of politician Giulio Andreotti won him the jury prize of the Cannes Film Festival .


Loro will be produced by Indigo Film , with which Sorrentino has collaborated since 2001. Another permanent partner of the director, the studio Medusa Film , is unlikely to take part in the creation of the tape, since it is part of the media conglomerate Mediaset , owned by Berlusconi .

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Author: Jake Pinkman