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Casting: Kurt Sutter to Farmer, Reese Ahmed to Venom

Image Serial fans Kurt Sutter is known primarily as the creator of the popular crime drama Sons of Anarchy. However, he did not only script the show, but also played a member of the SAMCRO Otto Delaney gang. Previously, Sutter appeared only on small screens, but now he is going to conquer the world of big cinema as an actor.

According to Deadline , Kurt has joined the cast of the fantasy film Treads of Chaos , which will be directed by Doug Lyman (Edge of Tomorrow). Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley will star in the film, while Mads Mikkelsen will play the antagonist.

The film will take place on a planet called New World , whose inhabitants have been infected by a virus called Noise . They can now hear and see each other's thoughts. The main character Todd one day meets a girl who can rid his world of the Noise . Todd lost his parents as a child, and family friends Killian and Ben were raising the boy.The role of the latter was recently taken over by Demian Bishir, and Sutter is just planning to play the second father of Todd . Killian is described as a rude farmer, often quarreling with the protagonist, but willing to give everything to keep his adopted son safe and sound.

Treads of Chaos is set to premiere on March 1, 2019 .


" Venom " has already got Tom Hardy in his networks, and now Reese Ahmed ("Rogue One. Star Wars: Tales") is preparing to join him. The actor is still only negotiating with the studio Sony , and the major is in no hurry to confirm this information, so now it is difficult to say what role Ahmed is claiming to be. The only thing that the journalists managed to find out - Reese will try on the image of a very popular comic book character. One thing is certain: the hero of Ahmed is not Spiderman , since, according to representatives of Marvel , Peter Parker Sony will not be used in the new universe.

Let's remind that the central character of "Venom" is Eddie Brock - a journalist who connected with an alien symbiote and received superpowers. Ruben Fleischer ("Welcome to Zombieland") will take the director's chair of the blockbuster.


Katie Holmes ("Batman Begins") will star in The Secret , based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Rhonda Byrne. The director of the project is Andy Tennant ("Stylish Thing"), and the film adaptation will beabout a young widow with three children who hires a worker to fix a house after a terrible storm. The main character gets closer to a new acquaintance, and he shares his own philosophy with her - you need to believe in the power of the universe for your dreams to come true. However, the widow soon discovers that the man is not so simple and is somehow connected with her past.

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