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Are Batman's Enemies Preparing to Escape Arkham?

Image The title of one of the most anticipated films of the DC cinematic universe rightfully belongs to the soloist of Batman . The new film about the defender of Gotham is doomed to be compared with the trilogy "The Dark Knight" by Christopher Nolan, and therefore the studio Warner Bros. pays special attention to the quality of its script.

The original concept for the film was developed by Ben Affleck and DC Universe Curator Jeff Jones. A year ago, there were rumors that the action of the movie comics will unfold in the psychiatric hospital Arkham , but to date, official representatives of the WB have not confirmed this information. But the studio did not hide from the audience that the main antagonist of " Batman " will be Deathstroke performed by Joe Manganiello.

It looked like the movie was about to go into production, but Ben Affleck unexpectedly stepped down as director earlier this year. Matt Reeves was appointed as the new director of the film about The Dark Knight , who decided to rework the text of Affleck and Jones .


Initially, the new script for " Batman " was supposed to be written from scratch. According to the publication We Got This Covered , Reeves team still did not abandon all the developments of Affleck and Jones ... Recently, Matt admitted that the new " Batman " will resemble the films of the great Alfred Hitchcock, and now there are rumors in Hollywood that another source of inspiration for the director will be the popular game series Batman: Arkham .

The first game in the franchise, Arkham Asylum , took place at Arkham Asylum . The The Dark Knight had to defend the clinic staff after the Joker unleashed a number of insane criminals. According to yet unconfirmed information, the script " Batman " will resemble the plot of a video game, only the organizer of the prisoners' escape will be not the Clown Prince of the Gotham underworld , but Deathstroke .


At one time, Arkham Asylum was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most highly regarded superhero video game in the history of the entertainment industry. Fans of The Dark Knight obviously won't mind if Reeves adopts a few scripts from the popular Rocksteady Studios franchise.

The good news for fans of the MCU DC does not end there. In recent months, rumors have circulated on the web that Ben Affleck wants to end his contract with WB and relinquish his role as guardian of Gotham . Public fears were only heightened when the company did not mention his name in an official press release regarding the appointment of Reeves to direct the solo album. In a recent interview with The Getty , the new director of " Batman " made it clear that The Dark Knight will be portrayed in his film by Affleck b>.


The studio originally planned to release " Batman " to screens in 2018, but then the date of the premiere was postponed indefinitely due to the fact that Reeves was busy working on the post-production of his summer blockbuster "War of the Planet of the Apes".

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