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US Box Office: Primates Defeat Spider-Man

Image Last weekend ( July 14-16 ), an interesting confrontation between Spider-Man and intelligent apes was expected at the North American box office. The latter eventually prevailed over the superhero Marvel , although they did not escape the sequels' illness that befell Hollywood.

The blockbuster " War for the Planet of the Apes " finished its first weekend with a sum of $ 56.5 million . This is slightly more than the 20th Century Fox studio calculated, and less than the most optimistic forecasts of distributors. Triquel started at the box office in approximately the same way as the first part of the rebooted franchise, but lost to the second film "Planet of the Apes: Revolution" - it earned $ 72.6 million in 2014.

The situation with the sequels of popular franchises seriously worries the bosses of Hollywood studios. Take the same "War" - moviegoers gave it a high score of A- , critics praise the blockbuster Matt Reeves in every way, but its box office fell by 22% compared to its predecessor. Outside the United States, the triquel also raised a not-so-impressive amount for a $ 150 -million blockbuster - just $ 46 million .


The impressive CGI effects and extraordinary locations are mind-boggling, but they are secondary to the film's central conflict involving morality, identity, and the boundaries of human nature. War of the Planet of the Apes completes the franchise about intelligent primates with dignity, while contributing to the construction of the universe, making the viewer want more. However, the studio Fox does not plan to continue the film series yet.


The leader of last week, the blockbuster " Spider-Man: Homecoming ", dropped to second place in the top 5. The audience of the film sank slightly more than expected - by 61%. $ 45.2 million has been added to the film box of Jonathan Watts , and now his collection in the United States is equal to $ 208.3 million . Outside of his native cinemas, the new Spider-Man earned another $ 72.3 million , and abroad Peter Parker has an asset $ 261.1 million .


The third place was completed by the Despicable Me triquel with the amount of $ 18.9 million . Now its home box office is almost $ 188 million , but the collection of the animated film overseas is incomparably higher than what US residents were ready to pay for watching it. So, thanks to honestly earned $ 431.4 million , the cartoon in the world box office has already grossed $ 619.4 million , which is more than seven times more than his $ 80 -million budget.


Following Despicable Me 3 in the US box office is Baby on a Drive by Sony . Just like last week, the film lost a very small audience - only 33%, ending the weekend with a result of $ 8.8 million . Thanks to this stability, Edgar Wright's painting now has $ 73.2 million , twice its production budget. In other countries, the popularity of Baby on a Drive is not so high, but $ 23.1 million will not hurt a comedy action movie in the piggy bank.


The romantic comedy " Love is a disease " closes the top five. Michael Showalter did an excellent job in limited release, and last weekend received additional copies and, thanks to the collected $ 7.6 million , managed to oust Wonder Woman from the top 5 ". According to critics, Love Is A Disease is a comedy about relationships that audiences need so much. The perfect balance of direction, script and acting turns into a delightful love story that makes you empathize with the characters and rejoice with them.

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Author: Jake Pinkman