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Mysterious Events star will intermarry with Sherlock

Image Following the success of Mysterious Events, Millie Bobby Brown received a tempting offer from Legendary to play one of the main roles in the sequel to Godzilla. Apparently, the collaboration turned out to be so successful that now the major is ready to make Brown the star of his new franchise. As the portal Deadline found out, Legendary plans to adapt the series of books by Nancy Springer, telling about Enola Holmes, who will be played by the young actress.

The genius detective Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, has an extensive history of appearances on big and small screens. The first films about him appeared in the era of silent cinema. In total, over a dozen films about Holmes and his permanent partner, Dr. Watson, have been shot in Hollywood since then. Against the background of the increased popularity of the character, Springer began to write works about Enola, Holmes' sister.

Springer's book series is dedicated to 14-year-old Enola, who escaped from a boarding school to find out where her mother is, whom others believe dead. Enola followed in the footsteps of Sherlock and happily takes on the investigation of cases of missing people. Moreover, the main character uses her intelligence and ingenuity to deceive her brother trying to find her.


The Enola Holmes franchise isn't the only ambitious project looming before Millie Bobby Brown. In addition to the fact that the actress will appear in the second "Godzilla", she was also offered a role in the new "Chronicles of Narnia", although Millie has not yet given official consent to participate in the filming.

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Author: Jake Pinkman