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Stabbed in the throat and into the well

Image The works of Stephen King have long secured the status of the most screened books of our time. This year alone, the horror film Mobile came to the big screens, and TV series fans enjoyed the successful TV adaptation of the science fiction novel 11.22.63 ( 11.22.63 ). The publication The Hollywood Reporter reports that soon the fans of the King of Horror will have another surprise. The online service Netflix has begun work on a film based on the story " 1922 ", which was first published in 2010 in the collection " Darkness - and nothing else".

1922 is narrated by the farmer Wilfred James , whose wife began to insist on moving from the countryside to the city. When she ran out of all reasonable arguments, the woman began to threaten to sell her share of the land to a large livestock company. Fearing that the remaining land would depreciate, Wilfred decided to get rid of his mistress. James slit his wife's throat with a butcher knife and then threw her body into the well. However, soon the man began to think that his wife had returned from the afterlife to avenge her murder ...


The horror will be directed by Australian Zach Hilditch , who has earned a lot of flattering reviews for his debut film "The Last Hours".

The role of Wilfred went to Thomas Jane , who more than once had to appear in film adaptations of the works of King . In 2003, he starred in the film Dreamcatcher, and four years later played the main role in the film Mist. Thomas will be portrayed by Molly Parker ("Dexter" / Dexter ). Dylan Schmid, Caitlin Bernard, Brian D'Arcy James and Neil McDonough also joined the cast of the film.


Reportedly, Hilditch has already started work on the film in Vancouver. Netflix is also currently working on a film adaptation of another Horror King book, Gerald's Game.

Next year, the world of cinema and television will delight fans of King with the long-awaited screen version of the book series "The Dark Tower", a new version of the horror film "It", the next part of the film series "Children of the Corn" and the TV series "Fog" Mist ).

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