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Cool Brewed Hiddleston

Image Studio Warner Bros. , which is building an MCU based on DC comics, has found a graphic novel for itself, which will serve as the basis for another curious project. This time, the choice of the major fell on the creation of the famous artist and comic book writer Frank Miller.

As the site Deadline managed to find out, WB is close to buying the rights to the screen version of the comic book Hard Boiled ( "Hard Boiled" b>), written by Miller . The Hollywood studio already has a director in mind for the project - it will be Ben Wheatley , and the lead role in the film adaptation is to be played by Tom Hiddleston , who has already worked with the director on High-Rise.

A series of graphic novels, consisting of three issues, appeared in print in 1990. Karl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator with a loving husband and an exemplary father. Nixon is a maddened beast and tax collector, leaving behind mountains of corpses. The strangest thing is that Karl and Nixon are one creature who is the last hope for the salvation of the enslaved robot race ...

For the first time, they started talking about the adaptation of "Hard Boiled" back in 2001. Then the director's chair was given to David Fincher, and the main role - to Nicolas Cage. Subsequently, Frank Miller and Mukunda Michael Dewil ("Car # 19") were going to lead the shooting, but now their plans have changed.


Ben Wheatley in recent years has become a frequent guest of film festivals - among his works you can find the paintings "High-rise" , "Once! Two! Three! Die! " and "List of Condemned", and in September in Toronto the premiere of another film by the British film maker - the crime action movie "Shootout", which will be released next spring.

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