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The Australian Adventure in India

Image Anonymous Content and the Paramount Studios Television Division intend to continue their successful series creation partnership. Last year, they joined forces on the excellent psychological drama "13 Reasons Why", and very soon their new joint project - the crime thriller The Alienist - will be released on TV screens.

As it became known to the publication Deadline, the bosses of Anonymous Content and Paramount TV have struck another deal. This time they intend to transfer the heroes of Gregory David Roberts' bestseller "Shantaram" to the small screen. The book was published in 2003. Since that time, it has been translated into 39 languages of the world and has sold 6 million copies.

As soon as the book hit the shelves of stores, they began to take an active interest in it in Hollywood. Russell Crowe dreamed of playing the main role in the adaptation of the novel, but in the end the rights to adapt "Shantaram" went to Warner Bros., which wanted to involve Johnny Depp in the project.


The shooting of the picture was postponed several times because of creative disagreements with the directors, because of the writers' strike, or because of the rainy season in India. The last time about the film was heard in 2013, when it became known that Depp decided to limit himself to producing functions, and began to consider the candidacy of Joel Edgerton for the main role. Over the past years, when working on a film project, no serious progress has occurred. It seems that fans of Roberts' work will still be able to see the adaptation of "Shantaram", but thanks to the world of television.

The main character of the book is an Australian robber named Lindsay, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison. The protagonist arranges a prison break, after which he decides to leave his native land and go to India. He settles in Bombay, where life makes him plunge into the abyss of criminal passions again.


The TV adaptation of "Shantaram" will be produced by Steve Golin ("Survivor", "Mr. Robot"). Anonymous Content and Paramount TV also plan to create a series based on Joseph Heller's cult satirical novel Amendment 22, which will be led by Oscar-winning George Clooney.

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