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Lost City and Monster Girl: Watch This Week

Image Despite the fact that it is difficult to apply the definition of "warm" by April this year, its last weekend promises a whole scattering of "hot" premieres. Moreover, this placer is designed for the widest circle of spectators. We will figure out what to watch, to whom and why.

The most intriguing film next week will be the adventure film The Lost City of Z , the main character of which is the historical figurePercival “Percy” Fawcett.This man has been exploring the wild territories of Brazil for a long time, but the whole world associates him with the mysterious city Z, which is not on any map of the world. In 1925, he went on another expedition, from which he never returned. The authors of the film suggest their own view of the story of a romantic, warrior and traveler who lived one dream ...

Filmed The Lost City of Z by James Gray, mostly known to the domestic audience thanks to the films "Yards" and "Masters of the Night". The main role in the new tape was played by Charlie Hunnam, who became archival demand after Sons of Anarchy. The stars are former vampire Robert Pattinson, future Spider-Man Tom Holland and the always beautiful Sienna Miller.


The "social" role next week will be played by the film "The Sphere" (not to be confused with the 1998 film, where Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Medusa) - the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers.The feed will tell you about the near future, in which the global Internet corporation Sphere is rapidly gaining momentum. The main character, a new employee of a large corporation, is quickly noticed by the top management and helps her to move up the career ladder. However, the more a girl learns about the company, the less she wants to know about it. And then - either act according to your conscience, or conclude a deal with her ...

Staged Sphere by James Ponsoldt, whose "End of the Tour" was received with a bang by critics around the world. The main roles in the new film were played by the great Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, who diligently departs from the image of the arrogant witch. Also in the picture was the creator of the best Internet meme - John Boyega.


The genre, which has more shots than words, is the subject of Shootout next week.The film will tell the story of an arms sale and purchase transaction, during which something went wrong. And when people stop talking, pistols start talking, and the whole action is limited to one semi-abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Boston ...

The main roles in the film were played by wonderful dramatic actors - Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Sharlto Copley. And Ben Wheatley is responsible for ensuring that the viewer was not bored of watching an hour and a half at a shootout in a closed room. It was this director who charmed the world last year with the “High-Rise”, beautiful in every sense.


My Monster Girl is responsible for directing the fantastic comedy next week. And this definition is not at all figurative, but very literal.The main character, an ordinary girl from New York, finds herself in a very unusual situation. It so happened that in some mystical way she is connected with a huge monster that safely smashes the city of Seoul on the other side of the planet ...

Good actress Anne Hathaway, who successfully combines shooting in comedies and in serious films, will play the fool in the frame. Comedian Jason Sudeikis and mutant "Legion" star Dan Stevens will help her in charming antics.


The spy thriller will feature Secret Agent next weekend.The story is about a woman whose profession is included in the title of the film. Its primary goal is to prevent the use of biological weapons against the residents of London. In parallel, the woman has to play a double game and find out who is really on her side, and who is the "mole" who is just waiting for her to turn away to stab her in the back ...

The film was directed by "Secret Agent" by veteran director Michael Apted, who, despite his advanced age, continues to work actively both on the big screen and on TV. The leading roles in his new tape went to the beautiful Swede Noomi Rapace and the matured Orlando Bloom. A couple of veterans, Michael Douglas and John Malkovich, appeared on the sidelines.


The next week will not be complete without a serious dramatic film.The film The Promise tells the complex story of a relationship between two men and one woman. The background of the confrontation between the heroes is the flaring flame of the First World War and the escalating feuds on the basis of religious differences ...

The film "The Promise" was directed by the Oscar-winning Terry George, thanks to whom the film world saw the wonderful film "Hotel Rwanda". The leading roles in the new historical drama went to Christian Bale, a Briton with soulful eyes, and Oscar Isaac, a gorgeous Guatemalan. The heroine, for whose heart men compete, was portrayed by the beautiful Charlotte Le Bon ("The Walk").


Also next week the release of the new film by Frederic Beigbeder Ideal begins, in which the director dissects the concepts of "glamor" and "gloss". Emil Hirsch and J.K.Simmons will take on an all-night adventure in Los Angeles in the comedy Saw the Night . Konstantin Kryukov will embody the image of the sun of USA poetry in the comedy "To Save Pushkin" . And cartoonists from Ukraine will present to the audience the adventure animation Nikita Kozhemyaka .

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